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Warren Melamed Celebrates Children's Dental Health Month

Feb 22 2013 12:00AM



NASHVILLE, TN -- (Marketwire) -- 02/22/13 -- Although February is regarded as National Dental Health Month for Americans of all ages, many have taken the effort to shift greater awareness towards learning about proper oral health care for youth. As a seasoned dental professional who is adamant about community involvement, Warren Melamed encourages all parents to become involved with National Children's Dental Health Month this February. While the event is only officially a month long, Melamed believes that the lessons learned from the effort can help improve oral health across the country for years to come.

A recent article from ABC Action News reveals that modern society has many options when it comes to encouraging both parents and children to enhance personal dental hygiene. It states, "Parents know that getting kids to brush their teeth is never an easy task. Luckily, technology has come a long way and there are apps and games to get kids excited about keeping cavities away." The article also notes that apart from modern technology, many dental professionals are making an effort to take simple actions to motivate youth to take care of their teeth. For example, "Dr. Sean Gassett from Apollo Beach Dental Excellence says he gives out special cavity fighting lollipops from CariFree which contain xylitol, a natural sweetener that can help prevent cavities."

With so many options available to encourage optimal dental health, Warren Melamed believes there is no excuse for children to skip out on proper oral hygiene. Still, he notes that the effort to improve oral health among youth has been a long battle. Melamed explains, "National Children's Dental Health Month started as a one-day observance in Cleveland, Ohio in 1941 in order to raise awareness about the importance of children's oral health. By 1949 the American Dental Association observed its first NCDH Day of February 8. In 1955 it expanded to a one-week observance and in 1981 it became a month long event."

Considering the effort behind NCDHM has a long history, Warren Melamed believes it is the duty of dental professionals and parents to unite to pave the way for greater progress. Proud of the efforts the community has made this year, Melamed explains, "This year's 'Get a Gold Smile' campaign is geared towards creating a positive attitude towards brushing, flossing, eating the right foods, wearing sports mouth guards and visiting the dentist regularly." As part of his commitment to promoting greater oral health among children, Warren Melamed has remained a long-time participant in NCDHM numerous programs, including providing free dental care to children in need.


Warren Melamed is a noted dental professional who is known for his work as the CEO and President of Oral Health Management -- a Tennessee-based LLC. He is also recognized for founding Monarch Dental in Dallas, Texas -- an organization that went public in 1997 and allowed Melamed to take on several roles as Chairman, President and Chief Dental Officer. Although Warren Melamed has made considerable contributions to the health and dental care industry, he is also noted for maintaining charity as a priority and has made numerous efforts to give back to the community through various capacities.

Source: Marketwire

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