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Richard Gorman Proclaims Buzz-Building Benefits of

Feb 21 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 02/21/13 -- According to entrepreneur Richard Gorman, of Gorman Economics LLC, today's professionals find success only when they find an avenue for broadcasting and monetizing their achievements -- which is exactly what individuals can do at Gorman acquired this up-and-coming social platform and will formally launch it on March 1. In a new statement to the press, Gorman proclaims to be a game-changer for social networking, due largely to the ability it gives users to highlight and market their own achievements -- including personal and professional achievements alike.

"The idea that informs is that, when you accomplish something -- whether it is a very big deal or relatively minor; whether it is an achievement in your professional life, or something on the side -- that adds to your value as a person and as an employee or a business associate," Gorman remarks, in a new statement to the press. ' is a way to record those accomplishments, and to really tap into that added value. lets users broadcast their achievements for the whole world, and then to leverage those achievements for purposes of networking and career development.'

A profile effectively functions as an online resume, but Gorman is quick to note that the site is a far cry from LinkedIn and other, similar sites. "Your resume is a big part of who you are and what values you might bring to a company or to a client, and as such, it is a big part of -- but it is only the beginning," Gorman explains. " allows users to share other milestones that they hit, including personal fitness goals."

Gorman's partner, Dave Polykoff, chimes in by noting that members can adorn their profiles with fitness logs, allowing them to track their progress as they seek to meet personal fitness goals. "Maybe you're at the gym and you bench press more weight, or run more laps, than you ever have before," Polykoff muse. " provides you with a way to share that accomplishment with anyone and everyone."

"It is all about creating buzz about yourself," Gorman says. "Maybe you want to use your quest for personal fitness as a talking point, for networking and career development purposes. Or maybe you simply want to ensure that, when someone visits your profile, they get a strong, positive picture of who you are as a person -- and a complete picture, at that. Your personal fitness achievements are listed right alongside your professional milestones, allowing you to use as an all-purpose personal branding tool."

The exercise log and online resume functions are just the beginning, says Gorman. The features included on are myriad, and even include a sort of "online library." The goal, Gorman says, is "to provide a way for users to record books they have finished, especially business books and works that cultivate a sense of personal improvement." Like a completed workout, a completed book is "both a strong talking point and simply a source of personal pride," Gorman explains, and therefore worthy of inclusion at

Gorman concludes by noting that serves to help users brand themselves and put their best foot forward with online recruiters, but it is also intended for use in online reputation management. "When somebody Googles your name, what does he or she find?" he asks. "If you have a profile, then it allows you to make sure that the information obtained about you through an online search is strong, positive, and authoritative. Your profile becomes the central hub for your online reputation, where you can share your personal and professional achievements and make sure your online image is sterling." will officially open its doors on March 1, Richard Gorman says, and can be found at


Richard Gorman is an online entrepreneur, technology pundit, and marketing professional. He is best known for his seminal work in the field of direct response marketing, and for his personal brand, Direct Response. At the Direct Response blog, Gorman gives away countless thousands of dollars in trade secrets to his fellow online marketers. Additionally, he is keenly interested in and involved with the fields of social media marketing, search engine marketing, and online reputation management. Currently, Gorman is working to spearhead the launch of a new social platform,, to debut in March 2013.

Source: Marketwire

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