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Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn: Physical Therapy Aids Development of Premature Infants

Feb 20 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 02/20/13 -- reports that physical therapy has been integrated into the care plans of premature infants, as it has been recognized as a form of treatment that can assist them in thriving despite their premature emergence from the womb. Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, is happy to see this aspect of her field gain the attention it deserves and notes that there are multiple ways in which physical therapy can enhance the overall wellbeing of premature infants.

According to the article: "The importance of physical therapy for babies who arrive weeks before they are supposed to is becoming apparent as researchers learn more about this critical period of development when they were supposed to be in the womb, and what these especially sensitive infants can handle."

The article goes on to explain how physical therapists are working with parents to help in creating a strong parent-child bond despite the medical procedures that may have traditionally discouraged such close relationships from developing.

"Physical therapy is such an amazing profession; we are able to treat patients of all ages!" explains Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional. "At Metro Physical Therapy we see infants as young as two weeks old. Since parents are now told to put their babies on their backs instead of their stomachs when they go to sleep, plagiocephaly and torticollis are becoming more and more prevalent. Physical therapy techniques, such as massage, gentle stretching, and position education for parents, are the ways in which the parents and the physical therapists work together to restore the balance to these children."

Physical therapists who work with premature newborns are continually learning more about what these infants need and how to best provide the highest possible standard of care. Glasser-Mayrsohn is delighted to know that these professionals and the parents of premature babies are creating partnerships to best meet the needs of these infants. She encourages any parents who are facing the premature birth of a child to consider how physical therapy might aid in their development.


Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, founded Metro Physical & Aquatic Therapy in 1982. Through her commitment to her patients and their wellbeing, Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, provides a high degree of care to individuals who are in need of a wide range of treatments. She is especially devoted to offering seniors in her community the services they require to age actively and enhance their overall level of health. As such, Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, provides geriatric services that pertain to wellness, Pilates, yoga, fall prevention, balance training, tai chi, and more.

Glasser-Mayrsohn was awarded a bachelor of science in physical therapy from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Additionally, she was awarded a master of science in orthopedic physical therapy from The Institute of Graduate Health Sciences.

Source: Marketwire

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