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Jon T. Fitzgerald Offers Tips for Curbing Diabetes-Related Foot Problems

Feb 19 2013 12:00AM



LAKE OSWEGO, OR -- (Marketwire) -- 02/19/13 -- Emax Health has recently announced the ability of diabetes patients to significantly reduce the odds of amputation by taking simple preventative measures regarding foot-related conditions. The article asserts: "Researchers from Sweden who have been studying diabetes foot complications since 2008 have some simple advice that can reduce the chances of diabetic foot amputations by half." Jon T. Fitzgerald, noted podiatrist, comments that, with the right preventative measures, diabetes patients can, in fact, reduce the odds that they will have to undergo a foot amputation.

The article explains that researchers have undertaken a study at Sahlgrenska Academy, which is part of the University of Gothenburg, to determine the best ways to "prevent the sole of the foot from becoming overloaded that can lead to ulcer development and amputation." The researchers concluded, according to the article, that wearing a good pair of shoes can reduce the risk of developing ulcers on the feet by 50 percent, as opposed to walking barefoot. Additionally, they found that regular visits to a trained podiatrist can also prevent and relieve diabetes-related foot conditions. Using appropriate shoe inserts was also found to be helpful in preventing the development of foot issues.

"With an ever increasing number of individuals being diagnosed with diabetes," asserts Jon T. Fitzgerald, "it is important to remember that a great many of the problems associated with this disease can be avoided. When it comes to complications related to the feet, routine inspections of your feet by a trained podiatrist, the use of proper foot gear, careful attention to your blood sugar, and proper diet and exercise routines are the fundamental elements of effective therapy -- and prevention."

Dr. Fitzgerald encourages any individual who has diabetes to create a long-term relationship with a local, trained, and qualified podiatrist. By scheduling regular appointments with this healthcare professional, individuals can better monitor the health of their feet and catch any conditions that do arise as early as possible. Additionally, a long-term relationship will give the podiatrist the opportunity to monitor the patient over a period of time, allowing them to become more familiar with their medical history and experiences and to call upon this understanding of their unique medical past to better treat any current issues and prevent future ones from emerging.

Dr. Fitzgerald recommends asking family and friends for referrals to a qualified podiatrist and encourages individuals who have diabetes to reach out to other people with the illness in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of proper foot care.


Jon T. Fitzgerald is a podiatrist who treats ankle and foot conditions in the Portland and Lake Oswego, Oregon, communities. Jon T. Fitzgerald is dedicated to offering his patients the highest degree of care possible and leverages his training to provide treatment recommendations to individuals suffering from a number of foot- and ankle-related issues. Jon T. Fitzgerald practices at Ankle & Foot Clinic of Oregon.

Source: Marketwire

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