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ZMG Construction Weighs In on the Growing Popularity of BIM

Feb 18 2013 12:00AM



LONGWOOD, FL -- (Marketwire) -- 02/18/13 -- According to ZMG Construction, new technological developments continue to revolutionize the construction and design industries -- and building information modeling, or BIM, is foremost on the list of these major technological advances. A recent article from Smart Planet comments on the growing popularity of BIM, and on the benefits it offers to construction companies. The Smart Planet report has earned a comment from ZMG Construction.

ZMG Construction has stood as one of the United States' leading construction, design, and restoration companies for more than two decades and counting. A large part of the company's ongoing success can be attributed to its embrace of technology, and its zeal for keeping up with the latest advances. ZMG Construction has released a new statement to the press, offering some insights into the Smart Planet report.

The company begins its press statement by affirming its own use of the groundbreaking BIM methodology. "ZMG Construction has had some recent experience with this new trailblazing technology, which we have utilized through various local architects and which has proven itself very worthy of the expense by cutting back on costly change orders, significantly boosting efficiency."

ZMG's comments echo those in the Smart Planet report, which notes that adopting BIM technology is costly on the front end, but "ultimately [pays] off by shaving time and costs" on major construction and development projects.

BIM technology differs significantly from the more-traditional CAD technology. Unlike CAD, BIM allows for full 3-D imaging; these 3-D models include "smart" objects, embedded with information, which means BIM makes it easy for architects and engineers to coordinate their work and even to showcase lists of materials and labor requirements.

ZMG notes that this 3-D modeling offers myriad benefits during the design process. "When you lay out a 3-D model, it helpfully shows any existing conflicts or problems and allows for an office-based solution that requires much less time and effort, by a few key professionals, than a large-scale development project being placed on hold, with 50-100 employees being held up over these foreseeable problems."

The company concludes with a note about the cost of BIM, still seen by many as a hindrance to the widespread embrace of this technology. "As for the cost of BIM, like all technology, the cost will come down as the masses find that it is useful and that it boosts efficiency," comments ZMG.

The article in Smart Planet affirms the emerging prominence of BIM, noting that it has been embraced by the government of the UK, to say nothing of American construction companies like ZMG Construction.


ZMG Construction has played an active role in building strong, thriving communities for more than 24 years. The company harnesses the latest and greatest technologies as it offers a range of services in the design, construction, and restoration of master planned development projects and multifamily units. ZMG is known as a leader in the construction industry, and has long been active in building communities and developments across the United States. The company offers many areas of specialization, including green development.

Source: Marketwire

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