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Women's Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Discusses Cosmetic Procedure Options for Brides-to-Be

Feb 18 2013 12:00AM



GENEVA, IL -- (Marketwire) -- 02/18/13 -- Most brides-to-be will agree that few events compare to that of a wedding day when it comes to looking one's best. However, according to a recent article from The Huffington Post, the desire for an improved appearance at the altar have extended far beyond the efforts of hair, makeup and the bridal gown -- it has led to a rise in cosmetic procedures. Dr. Jennifer Hein, noted plastic surgeon and founder of the Illinois-based Women's Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, comments on this trend by revealing certain precautions that brides -- and their loved ones -- should consider before opting for a "wedding day" procedure.

According to the article, cosmetic procedure options have not only become a resource for newlyweds, but even for the father-of-the-bride. It highlights the story of John Sharman, a father who was persuaded by his three daughters -- all brides-to-be -- to undergo Botox to eliminate wrinkles before their wedding days occurred. Although Jackie Sharman, daughter, notes that the Botox has left her father looking fresh and rejuvenated, others wonder if it was a fair request.

While Botox, and many other cosmetic procedures, can help a variety of patients eliminate wrinkles and gain a more youthful appearance, Dr. Jennifer Hein of the Women's Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery notes that the decisions should never be dictated by others. Hein explains, "Prospective patients should only have a cosmetic procedure performed on them if it is what they want for themselves. They should never make the deciding factor be if it pleases others. Cosmetic procedures of any kind, whether surgical or non-surgical, are important decisions and in many cases can last many years or a lifetime."

If an individual does decide to opt for a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Jennifer Hein notes that it is important for patients to consider all the implications and risks -- especially if the service is done for a particular event, such as a wedding day. Hein concludes, "Having Botox -- or any other procedure for that matter, before an important date like a wedding takes planning. At the Women's Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery we advise patients to know if they are susceptible to bruising and other things that may not look good on an important day. Ample time needs to be added before such an event to help lessen the risk of bruising or other complications to be visible on the big day."


Women's Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, founded by Dr. Jennifer Hein, features an all-female surgical staff, which can help to enhance some female patients' level of comfort when they come in for a procedure. Women's Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery is focused on patient care, and takes time to attend to all client questions asked before performing any type of work. The state-of-the-art surgical facility is less than five years old and features a certified operating suite, making it ideal for effective and time tested procedures for both surgical and non-surgical options. Women's Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery has locations in Geneva, Sycamore and Naperville, Illinois, making it easier than ever for women in the Chicago area to get cosmetic treatments under quality care.

Source: Marketwire

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