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Groundbreaking Social Network Finds Its Champion in Richard Gorman

Feb 18 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 02/18/13 -- Richard Gorman, of Gorman Economics, LLC, has acquired ownership of a groundbreaking new social platform called -- an online platform for networking, career advancement, and online reputation enhancement which Gorman says will render competing social platforms all but obsolete. combines innovative components of LinkedIn, GoodReads, and other social networks, but shifts the focus away from social sharing and onto the monetization of personal and professional achievements. The inventive site formally launches on March 1.

"The premise of is that it has never been more valuable, more imperative to showcase your achievements on the Internet, where they can be seen by recruiters, potential employers, potential business associates, and peers from within your professional circles," says Gorman. " allows users to highlight and celebrate their personal and professional landmarks in ways that existing social networks do not. With Facebook and Twitter, it is difficult to cut through all the buzz, all the frivolous and meaningless content. That leaves LinkedIn as the foremost option for career advancement over the Internet, but LinkedIn is narrow and short-sighted in what it allows users to highlight about themselves. Finally, with, there is a platform through which individuals can put their achievements out there for all the world to see."

Gorman says that serves as a kind of online resume, allowing users to record academic and professional conquests and to effectively brand themselves to be noticed and valued by recruiters and other professionals. The vision for goes well beyond a basic virtual resume service, however; the site also allows users to showcase what Gorman calls "talking points" about themselves.

One way in which users can highlight their achievements through is by logging books that they have read, using's online library system. "Finishing a book -- particularly an important business tome, or a volume on professional development -- is really an achievement, and one that cultivates insight, talent, and expertise," comments Gorman. "In other words, it is something you can use to brand yourself, to sell yourself -- and allows users to do precisely that." users can add completed books to their online library lists, offering book ratings as well as reviews.

Gorman's partner, Dave Polykoff, remarks that the site is not just about professional or academic achievements. "The bottom line is that people need a way to broadcast their accomplishments for all the world to see -- and that goes even beyond career advancements or books completed," he notes, before providing one example. "At, users can track their personal fitness progress -- so if you are finding success in your weight loss efforts and you want to share it with the world, lets you do it." also employs proprietary technology that makes it a radically effective tool for online reputation management. "A lot of our developers come from the world of white hat SEO, and as such they have a refined sensibility about how to cooperate with the search engine algorithms and ultimately rank well on Google," offers Polykoff. "What that means is that, when someone searches for your name online, the first listings he or she finds come from It provides individuals with a way of ensuring a strong, positive first impression through their online search results."

Other technological features include cross-platform sharing options. "If you want to share your achievements with users who have not yet signed on with, you can do so, simply by initiating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ sharing," affirms Polykoff.

Still, for Gorman, the real breakthrough of is its service in helping users monetize their professional and personal values. "For anyone who is eager to showcase their career achievements, personal and intellectual accomplishments, or even fitness goals met, provides a method for doing so -- and so much more," he enthuses. " allows individuals to put their best foot forward in a context that really matters -- one in which recruiters and potential employers are watching. For career advancement and professional networking, sets a new standard in excellence." will officially debut on March 1, and will be accessible at


Richard Gorman is a serial entrepreneur who has played a pivotal role in the development of several groundbreaking online ventures, the most recent of which is the revolutionary social platform Gorman is also well-known for his pioneering work in direct response marketing, and in particular for his seminal Direct Response blog. A long-time marketing trailblazer and technology enthusiast, Gorman is passionate about search engine technology, social networking, e-commerce, app development, and online reputation management.

Source: Marketwire

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