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Cyber Chats Led to Love, Then Marriage

Feb 14, 2013

Julie Blum


Online chatting led to wedding bells for William Galindo-Camey and Rubicela Casillas Galindo.

The two were both in high school, he at Schuyler Central and she at Columbus, when they began talking to each other on Myspace. A cyber romance bloomed.

"It started out with a casual, 'Hey, how are you?' one day in the summer of 2010," Casillas Galindo said in an email about their relationship.

Even though they had mutual friends and only went to school 20 miles apart, they had never met in person. A face-to-face meeting didn't happen for a few weeks after talking online.

Casillas Galindo, 19, said after their initial meeting on Myspace the two hit it off and would spend all day contacting each other through the social networking site.

Soon, that wasn't enough. So they started texting.

"I can really say that a bond was in fact formed like right away," Casillas Galindo said.

Galindo-Camey, 20, was excited every time he got a message from her, and she was happy to see a simple "good morning" or "good night" text from him.

Casillas Galindo said it seemed like they already knew each other for months before they decided to finally introduce themselves in person.

"I wasn't really as apprehensive to meet him as I was nervous to do something stupid in front of him," she said of seeing her future husband.

They met at the Platte County Fair. Her family was with her, but she didn't tell them about the plan of meeting up with Galindo-Camey.

"Since William and I weren't dating yet, I introduced him as a friend. My mother didn't buy it, though, because I was smiling pretty big," she said.

The status of their relationship was sealed the next day when Galindo-Camey asked her to be his girlfriend.

Even though they were very young, Casillas Galindo said they knew the relationship was the real deal. Eight months after they started dating they were engaged and they married May 14, 2011, when they were both 18.

"When you look at the timeline, it seems short, although it didn't feel that way," she said.

The couple currently live in Mexico, but will be moving back to Nebraska where they hope to finish school and start a family.

Starting a cyber relationship might come with a bit of caution after the recent revelation of a hoax involving a Notre Dame football player and the fictitious woman he supposedly met online.

Casillas Galindo said it is important to play things safe when communicating with someone online, but in her case, because Galindo-Camey was friends with some of her own friends, she felt safe with the relationship.

Despite their ages, Casillas Galindo said they both knew their bond was love.

"Most young people fall in love just like that without even knowing what love is, what love can do to you, what love can make you feel -- the good and the bad. When you get married you think about all your big moments, and I can honestly say that William was in all of them and still is," she said.

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