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Stag Energy Services: Low Natural Gas Prices Give U.S. an Edge

Feb 12 2013 12:00AM



SAN ANTONIO, TX -- (Marketwire) -- 02/12/13 -- When it comes to attracting foreign investors, manufacturers, and developers, there are a few factors that provide the U.S. with a competitive advantage -- and according to a recent MarketWatch blog entry, affordable natural gas prices are high on the list. Indeed, for companies in the United States, natural gas is cheaper than it is in other parts of the world, something that makes it more cost-effective to develop factories and industrial infrastructure stateside, as opposed to in Europe or in Asia. This important economic reality has earned a comment from Stag Energy Services.

Stag Energy Services is based in Houston, and provides an expansive suite of services to American oil companies. Stag Energy Services counts among its client base some of the world's best-known suppliers of oil and natural gas; the company is led by James Mann, himself a long-time energy industry veteran. Stag Energy Services has released a new statement to the press, commenting on the importance of cheap natural gas prices for attracting manufacturers from overseas.

"U.S. companies often forget about some of the rich advantages provided by our energy economy -- not the least of which is the rock-bottom affordability of natural gas," comments Mann, in the Stag Energy Services press statement. "Low natural gas costs translate to low electrical power costs, which in turn means that a factory or a plant can be established and run much more affordably. Given this, it is not at all hard to understand why so many international manufacturers cast an eye to the United States as an ideal place to set up shop, especially when U.S. natural gas prices are compared to those in many European nations."

Mann's comments find affirmation in the MarketWatch story, which notes the difference between U.S. natural gas costs and European natural gas costs.

Specifically, natural gas currently costs somewhere around $3.40 per thousand cubic feet in the United States; meanwhile, it is between $10 and $11 in Europe. In Asia, the cost is as high as $15. "The difference is really night and day -- so, again, it is not hard to understand why this is such a boon to U.S. manufacturing," offers Mann.

The MarketWatch report features a quote from Hugh Welsh, who serves as the U.S. President of Dutch company DSM; DSM is currently planning an expansion of its U.S. operations, based largely on the affordability of natural gas. Welsh calls low natural gas prices "a good incentive for any manufacturer" and "an enormous competitive advantage" for the United States.


Stag Energy Services is a company dedicated to provide a comprehensive suite of services to oil companies throughout the United States. Under the direction of Operations Manager James Mann the company benefits from his years of natural gas and oil experience. The firm is devoted to the highest standards of quality and of service in all of its offerings, which include site construction, equipment rental and repair, well maintenance, the provision of trained contract personnel, and more. Stag Energy Services' client list includes some of the most prestigious and prolific oil companies in the entire United States.

Source: Marketwire

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