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Legal Dope in Uruguay Breaks International Law, Says Buzzkill U.N.

December 17, 2013

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Marijuana buds, oh man that's skunky (file photo)

If you're a Marley-lovin' Rastafarian who loves to puff, puff pass, or just one of the world's many cannabis connoisseurs, you should probably move to Uruguay next April. Starting then, growing, selling and smoking weed will be totally legal.

Uruguay residents over 18 will be able to buy up to 1.4 ounces of bud (a large sandwich bag full) a month and grow up to six plants in their homes a year. Group gardeners will be allowed to raise up to 99 crops together annually.

But the South American nation's bold move is drawing smoke from some officials' ears. Raymond Yans President of the International Narcotics Control Board, a UN agency that oversees global drug laws said he was "surprised" that Uruguayan officials knowingly broke "universally agreed and internationally endorsed legal provisions." These laws "will not protect young people, but rather have the perverse effect of encouraging early experimentation, lowering the age of first use, and thus contributing to ... earlier onset of addiction and other disorders," he added.

The correlation between marijuana hard drug use is debatable. Pot smokers are 140 times more likely to try cocaine than non-smokers, but that's often because people who've done one drug tend to be the type who'd try others. Non-smokers call weed a "gateway drug," while most smokers seem more likely to want a Milky Way than a line of coke after taking a major a bong rip.

Show me a man whose weed lead him to a crack house, and I'll find 100 who went to 7-eleven instead.

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Original headline: UN Says Uruguay'S New Weed Legalization Breaks International Law

Source: (c) 2013 Legal Monitor Worldwide. All Rights Reserved. Provided by, an company

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