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Film festival Nov. 14-16 in Rock Hill

November 7, 2013


Nov. 07--Lake Wylie Pilot (Lake Wylie, S.C.)

Familiar and not-so-familiar actors will make appearances in films shown at the second Annual Underexposed Film Festival YC Nov. 14-16 at the Community Performance Center, 249 E. Main St., Rock Hill.

Elijah Wood and Christopher Lloyd lend their voices in a UFF-YC exclusive animation film "The Narrative of Victor Karloch," a Victorian ghost story. "Voice on the Line" is another exclusive film for the festival.

Wood also appears in "Setup, Punch" where stand-up comic Reuben Stein does the most daring set of his life.

"The quality of both the juried and invitational films selected have far exceeded our expectations," said Debra Heintz, executive director of the Arts Council of York County.

Karen Collins, a 25-year film veteran and volunteer director has developed the festival to an international level in just two years.

With 39 films entered into competition, and 17 invitational films curated by Collins, the films will be shown in seven, two2hour blocks in the three days.

The festival opens at 7 p.m. Nov 14 with the first block. Two blocks will be shown Nov. 15 -- one in late afternoon dedicated to documentaries -- and the second block at 7 p.m.

Nov. 16 brings the final 4 blocks of films to the festival with an awards ceremony after where the top films, the best female filmmaker, and the best student film will be announced.

A VIP party will be in the Courtroom at the Gettys Art Center, 201 E. Main St., after the awards ceremony.

Tickets start at $6 per block. Festival passes, VIP Party tickets and more information, including the complete schedule will be available at

For information call the arts council at 803-328-2787 or email at

Competition films


Animation Hotline, 2011, 6 minutes, USA, director Dustin Grella.

Animation Hotline is a series of daily animations that use messages left on voice-mail for content.

Prayers for Peace, 2009, 7:38 minutes, USA, director Dustin Grella .

Pastels on a slate chalkboard underscore life's impermanence as the artist confronts the memory of his brother killed in Iraq.

Rex October, 2013, 1:51 minutes, USA, director Ben Snyder.

Rex October is a 2D animated film about an angry submarine commander.

Sinsis, 2011, 2 minutes, Spain, director Carmen Lloret.

They strive for having the place of the other.

Sleight of Hand, 2012, 10 minutes, Australia, director Michael Cusack.

This is a stop-animation film about illusions.


After the Fall: HIV Grows Up, documentary, 2012, 41 minutes, USA/Romania, director Fr3deR1cK Taylor.

A look back with those who were on the front line or the 1989 pediatric AIDS empidemic.

Drawn from Water, 2012, 30 minutes, USA, director Nick Kalbach.

The film explores the tradition of the Mingi.

A Good Wife, 2013, 16 minutes, USA/India, director, Linda Brieda.

A Good Wife explores a hidden corner of rural India on the Sundarban Islands.

I is Another, 2012, 40 minutes, USA, director Kelly Donnellan.

The film chronicles a 6-year period of Donnellan's struggles with agoraphobia.

Sahaya: Going Beyond, 2013, 22 minutes, USA/India, director Andrew Lauer.

A chance encounter between Dr. Koen Van Rompayand Mr. Selvam sparked a friendship and succesful partnership.

There She Is, 2012, 19:39 minutes, USA, directors Emily Sheskin, Veena Rao.

In many ways, best friends Allison Kopach and Jenny Flores are typical pageant queens, howeverat a size 22 the only doors open are in the plus size pageant world.

X-ray Man, 2012, 8:53 minutes, USA, director: Kerri Yost.

No, this is not a sci-fi scenario. This is real.


Yellow Fever, 2012, 7 minutes, United Kingdom/Kenya, director: Ng'endo Mukil.

Yellow Fever focuses on African women's self-image, through memories and interviews.

Afterlight, 2013, 2:55 minutes, USA, director Timothy David Orme.

Every frame was made with charcoal on paper.

Dans L'oel de la Fogeronne (In Her Blacksmith Eye), 2012, 18:50 minutes, Canada, directors Guy Pelletier and Pierre Bundock.

A film and a sculpture that unfold together, one influencing the other.

Drawing Water: On and Off Time, 2012, 3:22 minutes, USA, director J. Michael Simpson

The film explores the paradoxical irony that digital technologies impose on the perception of time and place.

Garbage Gril in Daily Consumption, 2013, 5:12 minutes, USA, director Christopher Nostrand.

Garbage Girl is a take on our daily consumption of waste.

Gyre-ation, 2012, 6:48 minutes, USA, director Beth Portnoy.

Gyre-ation is a visual exploration of resistance to and acceptance of the forces outside of ourselves.

Kako Sam Ostao Bez Krila (How I Lost My Wings), 2012, 22 minutes, Serbia, director Ivan Tasic.

Resistance of usual, 'small' man for the every kind of regime and authority that he finds as chains and latent violence.

Prometheo (Prometheus), 2012, 6 minutes, Spain, directors Josep M. Gifreu, Laia R. San Juan and Ignacio F. Rodo.

A couple meets in a pool at night. The guy is eager to play, however, the girl has plans of her own.

Wen der Osten Plotzlich im Westen Liegt (When Suddenly the East Lies in the West), 2012, 15 minutes, Germany, director Ki Bun.

"What happens to a human being whose society he grew up with, whose decade's work disappears overnight?


Bishtar az do Saat (More Than Two Hours), 2013, 15 minutes, Iran, director Ali Asgari.

A boy and a girl wander the city looking for a hospital, but it proves to be much harder than they thought.

Cold Turkey, 2013, 14:11 minutes, Iceland, director Fannar Thor Arnarsson .

It is hard to wake up from a nightmare when you are not asleep. Adam is not exactly the normal teenager. He is a cannibal.

Dobra Ojca (The Good Father), 2012, 10:59 minutes, USA, director Chris White.

The film presents one woman's post-World War II reflection on her family's frantic, and ill-fated escape from their home in Krakow .

Do Not Push, 2013, 14 minutes, USA, director David Hensley , cast Brett Reed and Emmanuel Barbe.

An oppressed construction worker fights back against the system when he is pushed too far.

Fictional Me, Fictional You, 2013, 11:13 minutes, USA, director Hannah Leshaw.

A self-conscious man escapes from his loneliness into an elaborate romantic fantasy about his neighbor.

Imagine, 2013, 29:45 minutes, USA, director Jonathan Steven Green.

The film is a physiological drama, about John Morris, a paramedic, who lives under a cloud of guilt.

Junker, 2010, 21 minutes, USA, director Chris Gervais.

A junkyard worker is transformed by his attachment to aging objects.

Kayip, 2013, 14:10 minutes, Belgium/Turkey, director Mete Sozer.

'The Loss' is the story of a man's grieving uncomplainingly after the loss of his love and a woman's awareness of her own loss as she gets older.

Le Train Bleu, 2012, 18 minutes, France, director Stephanie Assimacopoulo.

Paris -- Gare De Lyon. Elie behaves as a true bounder, Selena, evermore in love, still wants to pick up the pieces.

Locker 13: Down & Out, 2009, 15 minutes, USA, director Matthew Mebane.

Tommy Novak, an aging boxer in the twilight of his career, wants nothing more than to go out with a win.

Mosaic 33, 2013, 25:06 minutes, USA, director Robert W. Fillion.

For three years Dr. Sarah Alexander has lived with the memory of what happened to her and her colleagues at the Mosaic Research Facility.

The New, True Charlie Wu, 2009, 30 minutes, USA, director Bob Pondillo.

Charlie Wu's stuck in a rut!

The Painter, 2013, 9:55 minutes, USA, director Nate Townshend.

Obsessed by events that changed his life decades ago, an amateur artist finally returns to the farm where it all began.

Posey, 2012, 21:37 minutes, USA, director Billy DaMota.

Posey is the story of Linda Flemming, who must make the heartbreaking decision to take her grandmother, Posey to a retirement home.

The Puritans, 2012, 24:12 minutes, USA, director Sean Robinson.

The Puritans revolves around a soldier who returns home from a war to discover that his family has eerily returned to a late-nineteenth century life-style.

Restitiution, 2012, 13:17 minutes, USA, director Justin Miller.

Architect and workaholic Preston Sanders struggles to reconcile with his wife Susan after the recent death of their oldest child.

Shenanigans, 2013, 8:13 minutes, USA, directors Colin Foster and Peter Kimball.

Opening your son's bedroom door is always a surprise.

Tackle Box, 2004, 10 minutes, USA, director Matthew Mebane.

An elderly couple has fished the Lowcountry waters for decades.

Invitational films


The Narrative of Victor Karloch, 2012, 15 minutes, USA, director Kevin McTurk.

A Victorian ghost story.

Voice on the Line, 2010, 6:53 minutes, USA, director Kelly Sears.

The era of nuclear anxiety, red scare paranoia and covert CIA plots forever changed how we engaged with the telephone.


Rider and the Storm, 2013, 16 minutes, USA, directors David Darg and Bryn Mooser.

New York City iron worker escapes the grind of the city through his true passion, only to lose everythingwhen Superstorm Sandy destroys his home in Breezy Point.

Who Shot Rock & Roll: The Film, 2012, 37 minutes, USA/UK, director Steven Kochones.

This film explores groundbreaking collaborations between photographers and recording artists.


Abiogenesis, 2011, 4:21 minutes, New Zealand, director: Richard Mans.

In this science fiction spectacle, a strange mechanical device lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation.

Boneshaker, 2013, 12 minutes, USA, director Frances Bodomo.

Ghanaian immigrant family takes a road trip to a Pentecostal church in Louisiana to cure its problem child.

The Carrington Event, 2013, 49 minutes, USA, director Rob Underhill.

News of a massive solar flare goes viral. Weeks pass, and a ghastly fight for survival has begun.

The Coin, 2013, 9 minutes, USA, director Fabien Martorell.

Kathryn Morris is an indignant mother who radiates negativity onto her cherubic young son.

Do I Have to Take Care of Everything, 2012, 6:35 minutes, Finland, director Selma Vihunen.

This comedy's about a chaotic morning in a family with kids.

Far, 2012, 37 minutes, USA, director Brian James.

After a bad day at work, David literally runs into Hannah , a beautiful and strange young woman.

Fortune House, 2013, 9 minutes, USA, director Matthew Bonifacio.

Believing in fortune cookies brings new meaning to the lives of a lonely man and a waitress.

Harry Grows Up, 2012, 11:30 minutes, USA, director Mark Nickelsburg.

New York is a tough place to find love. Especially for an 18-month old living on his own.

iVote, 2012, 22 minutes, USA, director Rob Adler.

The true story of a typist who exposes the sins of his own employer, all in the name of democracy.

Lapse, 2012, 23 minutes, France, director Gilles Guerraz.

A man is in an accident and wakes up suffering memory loss.

Menschen, 2012, Austria, director Sarah R. Lotfi.

In Spring of 1945, the Wehrmacht forces are weary from retreat, while the Allies close in.

Setup, Punch, 2012, 19 minutes, USA, director David Schlussel.

Stand-up comic, Reuben Stein does the most daring set of his life.

Things My Father Never Taught Me, 2012, 7 minutes, Australia, director Burleigh Smith.

Melvin gives dating advice to his three-year-old son.


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