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Krrish 3: Rakesh Roshan on son Hrithik [Financial Express (India)]

November 15, 2013


Action sequences are extremely risky, especially Hrithik flying from one building to the other. The landing and take off is in the hands of the action directors. If he landed a little lower than required, he could have broken his ankle or knee with the impact

Did you expect that

Krrish 3

would earn Rs.206.35 crore in just 10 days?

When I decide to make a film, I pick a genre which is challenging and different, so it either hits the bulls-eye or it doesn"t. But frankly, I really did not expect such good business in a short span of time. The film has done well across India, whether it's Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu or Bihar. It was simultaneously released in Tamil and Telugu and in territories like the US and UK. Now, we are also looking at more overseas territories, where we will dub the film in the local language or run subtitles. My overseas distribution team will decide about the territories in a month's time.

What, according to you, is drawing the audience to the theaters? Is it the stunning VFX effects?

I really can"t point out a specific thing, because when an audience likes a film, they like it in totality. They don"t specify one thing as such. From what I can gauge, they have loved Hrithik's character Krrish, and all the other characters including Priyanka Chopra as Priya, Vivek Oberoi as Kaal and Kangana Ranaut as Kaya. What has attracted the audience is that

Krrish 3

is a new kind of film, mounted on a large scale, as opposed to the family subjects they generally watch. We worked on the VFX effects for over a year and a half. This, I think, has worked in its favour.

Whose idea was it to have a unique character like the frogman and involve him in the stunning action sequences? And also Kaal's lab was spectacular.

It was my vision. When you make a superhero film, the opposition has to be very strong, one which can stand up against the hero. So, we created these


in the film. Krrish doesn"t know what powers they have, as they look like humans, so he's surprised by their strength. That's when the interesting part of how he overcomes them begins. Kaal's lab was our art director Sabu Cyril's creation. I explained what I had in mind and then he made a sketch and a model. But there were also inputs from my other screenplay writers Honey Irani, Akarsh Khurana, Robin Bhatt and and also Hrithik who was always there to give his opinion.

Sequences like Hrithik stopping a building from falling and standing atop a crane were all created with special effects, but was there any stunt which scared you?

Every action sequence is dangerous. But what was really scary was when Hrithik is hanging on a wire which was 250 feet above the ground. For these sequences which required a lot of wire and cable work, we got stunt choreographers from China as they are experts at this kind of action scenes. It is extremely risky because though Hrithik expresses with the body language when he flies from one building to the other, the landing and take off is in the hands of the action directors who are standing below and pulling or releasing the cables. Every shot was dangerous, because if he landed a little lower than required, he could have broken his ankle or knee with the impact. Also, when hanging 250 feet in the air, the pendulum movement is so fast that we had to shoot on 100 frames to hasten the filming.

Did anyone point out that the songs, especially the romantic Dil tu hi bata, picturised on Hrithik and Kangana hampered the smooth flow of the narrative?

There are people in the media who have their own point of view, but that's okay as it is a personal opinion. As film-makers we have to keep the audience in mind when we make a film, because they are the people who make or break a movie. I know the critics have been saying that the songs could have been better, but we have only three songs in the film, and both

Dil tu hi bata


Raghupati Raghav

are topping the charts on music channels. This only means that the audience has liked them. Even otherwise, we do need a song or two to promote the film.

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