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'Pope Francis' Is Top Internet Search Name in 2013

November 13, 2013

Asian News International

pope francis
'Pope Francis' was the top search name in 2013 (file photo)

Sydney, Nov. 13 (ANI): Despite celebrities working hard to be the most prominent name on the Internet, nothing could lead Pope Francis to be the most-used name in 2013, while error 404 is the most-used word this year.

An annual survey by US-based Global Language Monitor trawls the web and ranks the most commonly featured words based on how many times they appear online throughout English-speaking countries.

According to, the firm scans blogs, social media and news sites from the leading 275,000 print and electronic outlets around the world.

It was discovered that Pope Francis was also the top name on the interwebs, while his Twitter handle '@Pontifex' was the top fourth word used on the Internet.

The top ten words used on the web in 2013 include:

1. 404.

2. Fail

3. Hashtag

4. @Pontifex

5. The Optic

6. Surveillance

7. Drones

8. Deficit

9. Sequestration

10. Emancipate

The top ten names used on the web in 2013 include:

1. Pope Francis

2. ObamaCare

3. NSA

4. Ed Snowden

5. Kate Middleton

6. IRS.

7. Ted Cruz

8. Chris Christie

9. Tea Party

10. Marathon Bombers


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Original headline: 'Pope Francis' most-popular name on Internet in 2013!

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