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Inland Empire Agent Included on HispanicBusiness Influentials Index

November 13, 2013

Cynthia Mendoza, El Chicano Weekly

Doing his generation, his alma mater and his family proud, Eisenhower graduate Danny Morel (EHS '95) of Intero Real Estate in Rancho Cucamonga was recently selected by Hispanic Business one of the top 50 most influential Hispanics nationwide.

Candidates for the list are chosen from amongst a variety of fields from entertainment and performing arts, to media and journalism, sports, science and academia, government and much more, including entrepreneurship which as a lifetime independent business owner, Morel qualified.

Those selected for their list must be Hispanic, of U.S. citizenship and who have recently had a national impact and whose achievements inspire other Hispanics to similar endeavors.

"It's an honor," Morel said of the recognition. "It means what we're doing here is working. We're changing the lives of our agents and in turn they are change thing lives of the clients they work with."

Intero Real Estate Services is a franchise business that provides mentoring and coaching for real estate professionals. After graduating from high school Morel started up his own tortilla delivery company with the belief that "you are what you think about" and thus, choosing to believe in himself. He also surrounded himself with positive people.

His next goal however was to purchase a home for his mother so he went to work as a real estate agent at the age of 19. In his first year he one of the top agents in his office at the age of 21 his dream of purchasing a home for his mother came true. By 2005 he was selling 150 homes per year and other agents started reaching out to him for coaching and mentorship so they could achieve the same level of success and Morel as soon a sought after motivational speaker and coach in the real estate industry. By 2007 he had 500 coaching clients.

And then the market crashed. Morel, like many others, lost everything he owned, including his home. He decided to take a break from real estate but picking himself in 2010 he decided to unite his two talents and passions: selling real estate and coaching and mentoring, and he purchased an Intero business.

"We're one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the Inland Empire with 600 homes sold in less than two and a half years," he said.

Today, he has 65 agents working through Intero.

What does it take to run such a successful business? This influential business leader shared a few of his thoughts, ideas that he would share with young people as they start out in the world.

The most important factor is to determine a "Why?"

"It can't be about making a lot of money, that's not good enough," he says. "You have to want to add something to the world or have something unique you want to bring to others. I figured out who we were going to become."

The second factor in success is to have a vision and to believe in it.

"Business is tough," he says "In those ought times your initial vision and belief will keep you going."

And finally, the common thread that runs through all success; "Be willing to work very hard," Morel says. "And surround yourself with positive, helpful people."

For more information on Intero Real Estate Services or to reach Morel call (909) 212-0329. You may also visit Intero

You may view the entire 50 Most Influential Hispanics list entire list here. (This link is working at the time of publication.)

Danny Morel, 36, of Intero Real Estate Services in Rancho Cucamonga, was recently included in the Top 50 Most Influential Hispanics by Morel, a Eisenhower High Class of 1995 graduate, joins people like entertainer Selena Gomez, soccer player with the U.S. National Team and L.A. Galaxy, Omar Gonzalez and Maria Cristina Gonzalez Noguera, White House Special Assistant to the Presldent/Communications Director to the First Lady, and many others.

Danny Morel doing what he loves: inspiring and motivating fellow real estate professionals to succeed.

Cynthia Mendoza is a reporter for Inland Empire Community newspapers and can be reached at

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Original headline: Eisenhower grad included in Top 50 Influential Hispanics by

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