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October 5, 2013


"That would be madness. I've seen all the movies once, but I don't need to see them again, because they don't change."

TOM HANKS tell ShortList magazine he doesn't rewatch his old films,Sir Paul takes tweets,Paul McCartney held his first Twitter interview Oct. 3, spending an hour fielding questions about his upcoming album and other topics. He began an hour late.

"New," Paul's first album of new original material in six years, will be released Oct. 15 in the United States.

Paul also said he was particularly proud of a song called "Early Days," as well as a hidden track on the album called "Scared." He wrote another, "Everybody Out There," to "get the audience singing along."

Some questions: What three words he'd use to describe his fans: "Fan-Bloody-Tastic."

He told another Twitter follower that he's motivated to keep producing music by "a love of what I do." When was the last time Paul laughed uncontrollably? Yesterday, "at the video shoot for Queenie Eye," he replied. Also, "I'm amazed, amused & happy" that a large amount of his current fans are teenagers. "The band & I are very surprised at what a beautiful young audience we attract!"

Asked about the albums he had bought most recently, Paul named Kanye West's "Yeezus," the National's "Trouble Will Find Me," Jay Z's "Magna Carta ... Holy Grail" and the Civil Wars' "The Civil Wars." (Within minutes, the Civil Wars' Joy Williams tweeted that she was "completely honored.") He mentioned a rumor of a possible duet with Bob Dylan but said the two artists "haven't picked up on it."

-- USA Today,I recently saw the Batman movie with Aaron Eckhart again and wondered what he is doing. He is really handsome. -- A.S.

Aaron, who played the crusader-turned-villain Harvey Dent in "The Dark Knight," stars in the sci-fi fantasy "I, Frankenstein," due out in January, and is set to shoot the horror film "Incarnate" in November.

I just watched "The Great Gatsby" and thought actress Carey Mulligan was so beautiful. Will she be in anything else? And isn't she married to a musician? Which one? -- N.P.

Carey is married to Marcus Mumford, of Mumford and Sons. She co- stars with another successful musician, Justin Timberlake, in "Inside Llewyn Davis," due out in December, is shooting a film version of the classic novel "Far From the Madding Crowd" and is set to shoot the thrillers "I Walk With the Dead" and "Hold on to Me," the latter with Robert Pattinson.

-- Robin Adams Sloan, King Features Syndicate,Was Tim cheating?

Tim Burton was spotted kissing a woman who was not his long-term girlfriend, Helena Bonham Carter.

In photos obtained by British newspaper The Daily Mail, the director was seen in a compromising embrace with a mystery blond after leaving a movie theater in London in late September.

Tim, 55, has been in a serious relationship with Helena, 47, for the last 12 years, and the couple share two children together.

Tim and the blond allegedly got close after a screening of "The Wicker Man," a source told the Mail. "They stopped in an alley to kiss before making their way back to her car together."

A source told the Daily News that Tim's indiscretion implied in the images are "complete nonsense" and the director was out that evening with a large group including family, friends and work colleagues.

The "Edward Scissor-hands" director and Helena were last seen out together in March attending an event with their kids and again days later at a fundraiser.

Although the couple appeared to still very much be an item this spring, they don't exactly have the most conventional partnership.

The two long-term loves live in separate homes right next door to each other. The houses are adjoined by a grand hallway.

"He always visits, which is really touching. He's always coming over," the actress told The Guardian in a 2010 interview of their special living situation.

"It really is a great idea. You never have to compromise emotionally or feel invaded."

Tim is known for his work on iconic projects such as "The Nightmare before Christmas," "Beetlejuice," Planet of the Apes," "Alice in Wonderland" and many more.

-- New York Daily News,Romero sets Zombie return

Start spreading the news: George A. Romero's undead are taking a bite out of the Big Apple.

After invading a rural Pennsylvania farm, the Monroeville Mall and the Florida Everglades, the iconic horror director is taking his zombies to his hometown of New York City for the first time with the Marvel Comics 15-issue miniseries "Empire of the Dead," debuting in January.

"I could never afford to shoot there," George, 73, says with a laugh.

It's still the major metropolis everybody knows but a few years into its zombie apocalypse. Yet, there are strong social and political elements: The mayor is one of the main characters, and a female member of the living dead starts to show some real smarts.

There also is a major twist on George's horror oeuvre that he'll reveal at New York Comic Con Oct. 10 to 13.

"It's a comic book, which means we don't have to go out and shoot the stuff," says the "Night of the Living Dead" filmmaker, who wrote a 300-page Empire screenplay that is being put to page by Marvel and artist Alex Maleev. "You can let your imagination run wild and do pretty much anything you want, assuming it's within the bounds of decency."

Contrary to misconceptions, George's zombies never ate brains ("They'd have a hard time cracking the coconut"). But in past films, there have been hints that some of them have smarts, including Bub in "Day of the Dead" and Big Daddy in "Land of the Dead."

One of the big questions he asks in Empire: Could zombies coexist with humans if the undead became more intelligent?

"These zombies are starting to show sparks of real care and concern for each other," George says. "I'm not going to go all the way to 'Omega Man' where they take over the world, but I'm having a lot of fun with it. We've got some new rules and new characters, and we're taking it in a completely different direction."

It's huge for Marvel to be putting out an original three-act zombie story from George, according to Marvel editor in chief and admitted "zombiphile" Axel Alonso.

"'World War Z,' 'The Walking Dead' -- everything grows out of a genre he single-handedly created," Axel says. "He's been mining this landscape for decades now, and he always finds a way to look at it through a different lens and say something new about the world against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse."

"Empire of the Dead" remains a reflection of life and violence on the streets today.

"It's basically Chicago or Detroit. The city isn't destroyed, but it's just running on its engine, corrupt and no holds barred. It's a little bit like the Old West," George, a lifelong fan of comics, says.

"That's what I'm talking about now. There's hardly any morality anywhere, except, of course, for our heroes."


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