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Why #CutforBieber Is Trending on Twitter

Jan. 7, 2013


Justin Bieber

Ever since Justin Bieber was caught smoking marijuana his fans have been distraught.

Some are so upset that they have turned to "cutting" to show how much they dislike his pot smoking. Fans, mostly young girls, are posting pics of their bloody arms and bloody razers, to protest Bieber's love for Mary Jane.

Currently, #cut4bieber is one of the No. 1 trending topics on Twitter. However, a closer look of the trend shows Twitterverse is making fun of the trend as well as asking the fans to stop hurting themselves.

Fellow pop artist, Miley Cyrus, has chimed in on the trending hashtag asking people to stop the cutting.

"#CutForBeiber? Don't blame this on Justin, self- harm is not something to joke about, many people actually suffer from it. So STOP wif this!" she tweeted today, and added, "Don't blame this on Justin, it's his life no one else's! So stop with this #Cut4Bieber self harming is serious."

So far, no reaction from Bieber, other than hinting that he may be hosting and performing on "Saturday Night Live."

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