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Bowl Season's Worst Offerings

Jan. 4, 2013

The Picker

Here are the 10 biggest bowl losers so far.

10. Coach T. Boone Pickens, OSU.

Bad bowl, cold weather, horrific foe, minor publicity, bad season record, this isn't what Money Bags thought he was buying.

9. Texas.

By defeating lowly Oregon State in its bowl, the Longhorns insured the status quo, greatly pleasing Oklahomans.

8. The refs in the USC-Georgia Tech game.

The zebra standing under the goal post signaled that a USC field goal was good when it was obviously wide.

The nutty call was overturned.

7. The refs in the South Carolina-Michigan game.

A zebra measured for a Michigan first down.

The ball was clearly short.

The ref said: First down!

Were the obviously wrong calls bad eyesight, incompetence, honest horrendous mistakes, or dastardly?

6. ESPN.

The announcers have spent the better part of a month ignoring the empty seats in all the bowls.

Even upstairs at the Orange Bowl looked half-empty.

5. The Nebraska defense.

Remains embarrassingly bad.

Hothead coach Pelini should be demoted immediately.

4. Loopy Les.

His loony calls late enabled a barely above average Clemson team to escape with a victory.

3. Gamblers who had Michigan and the points versus South Carolina.

Empty-headed coaching and defending gave the old ball coach and Carolina a lucky win late.

2. West Virginia.

Remember the offense that had OU scared to death?

It was mutilated by Syracuse!

1. USC.

Was mauled by a Tech.


Editor's note: Bowl lines are those used in the Outbowl The Picker Contest.


Cotton Bowl, OU vs. Texas A&M (-3): Have to think OU fans are liking Landry Jones more with each passing moment and each passing first down.

Just look what's there next year: not much.

Heading into the 2013 season, Oklahoma State looks like far and away the best team in the state.

At the Under Armour high school star camp this week, OU is seldom mentioned by top-notch recruits; Bama gets them all.

The one thing OU has working in its favor is the Heisman Hex - High School Harry has gone Hollywood and has been on the late night talk shows more than the practice field.

Aggies by 6.

Saturday Pros

Cincinnati vs. Houston (-4): Best week of the pro season until the final game.

Houston has started to curl up like a wet noodle.

Cincy has a great personality.

Houston by 9.

Minnesota at Green Bay (-8): Can anybody actually believe that OU won nothing much with one of the greatest runners in the history of the sport of football, Mr. Peterson, in its backfield?

Remember when OU was all out to beat TU with Mr. Peterson?

Back to the chills at hand, Minnie quarterback due cold feet.

GB by 10.

Dippy Bowl

The Compass Bowl, Pittsburgh vs. Mississippi (-2): Could care less.

But it would take some doing.

Pitt by 4.


Indianapolis at Baltimore (-6 1/2): Winner will have peaked.

Baltimore's defense almost has grandfathers on it.

Luck runs out.

Baltimore by 7.

Seattle at Washington (-2 1/2): All the syrupy gushing over RG3 is an example of how a slap-happy media might turn a fan against a great young quarterback.

How could fans stoop so low as to ever agree with sourpuss Stephen A. Smith or the ancient preacher Bayless?

To fully appreciate just how good RG3 is, avoid ESPN sugar- coating.

Will try the best defense, here, Seattle by 2.

Final Bad Bowl Bowl, Arkansas State vs. Kent State (-1): And stay away, Daddy, after coming up with these two.

Ark State by 4.


BCS Popularity Contest Final Game, Notre Dame vs. Alabama (-10): So soon?

Only one more year of bowl bunk before the mini-playoff.

There's never been a dynasty in any sport like the way the SEC manhandles college football.

Notre Dame is in the finals because it resembles an SEC team - solid quarterback, great linemen, excellent corners, consistent run game.

Luck of the Irish keeps it close enough to watch all the way.

SEC gets an unbelievable seventh straight title, Bama by 9.

Source: (C) 2013 Tulsa World. via ProQuest Information and Learning Company; All Rights Reserved

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