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GreenLife Water: Bottled Water Presents Notable Threat to Environment

Jan 15 2013 12:00AM



TORONTO -- (Marketwire) -- 01/15/13 -- Although many believe that bottled water is no threat to the environment due to the recyclability of plastic materials, Toronto's City Council has recently approved a prohibition of the sale and distribution of these products. A recent report released by City of Toronto explains, "In December of 2008, City Council approved a water bottle ban to take effect in January of 2012. The ban, which affects most of Toronto's parks and park facilities, prohibits the sale and distribution of water bottles in all Civic Centres, City facilities and parks." Although there are certain exceptions to this new regulation, GreenLife Water, a Canada-based water filtration company, hopes a greater portion of the public will be inspired to seek alternatives for cleaner, healthier water.

While many Ontario residents may discover that bottled water products are harder to come by, GreenLife Water explains that its three-stage whole home water filtration system can provide a more beneficial alternative to these costly products. The company aims to provide Canadian homeowners with cleaner water by providing a filtration product that can filter every source of water within the home. The company notes that the use of this product can not only boost the healthiness and taste of water, but can help provide cleaner water in other areas of the home. For instance, those with whole home water filtration systems can wash their bodies, dishes and laundry with less fear of contaminated tap water issues.

While greater health is an important benefit of these systems, GreenLife Water notes that is also vital for residents to consider the wider impact of bottled water consumption. In an attempt to provide further insight, the City of Toronto report states, "While water bottles are recyclable, they still require a significant amount of energy to manufacture, transport and eventually recycle. The reuse of durable water bottles is preferable in energy usage to recycling. This is critical for the City of Toronto, which is currently taking aggressive action to reduce its carbon footprint as outlined in the Climate Change, Clean Air and Sustainable Energy Action Plan."

Although GreenLife Water is committed to delivering cleaner water to the entire home of its consumers, it also recognizes that it is important for individuals to have filtered water that is mobile. In an effort to curb the use of plastic bottled water products, GreenLife Water concludes in a recent press statement, "People are starting to realize the huge negative environment impact bottled water has on our environment. At GreenLife Water, we aim to pay proper respect to this movement by providing every one of our customers with reusable glass bottles. This allows them to take their filtered water wherever they go and do their part to reduce our collective carbon footprint."


GreenLife Water is the leading provider of water filtration systems in Ontario, Canada. Known for helping families and homeowners receive cleaner, tap water through a three-stage whole home water filtration product, GreenLife Water is focused on helping citizens realize the benefits found in filtered water. GreenLife Water operates with a vision is to make whole home water filtration easy, accessible and affordable for all home owners in Canada. Those who would like to learn more about having a GreenLife Water system installed in their home are encouraged to visit for more information.

Source: Marketwire

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