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'Holmies' Create Tumblr Blogs to Support Colorodo Shooter James Holmes

Aug. 1, 2012


For various reasons, Tumblr blogs have been popping up dedicated to James Holmes, the 24-year-old former graduate neuroscience student, accused of attacking a Colorado theater audience earlier this month.

Some have even began calling themselves "Holmies." The bloggers oftentimes dedicate a space to defend their support for Holmes or to clarify why they dedicated the cyber space to a killer.

This blog's for the Holmies has a photo of Holmes in his prison garb and a foil hat photoshopped atop his head. The blogger writes: "I know exactly what I'm doing with this blog and I intend to keep it until I have no desire to log back in or revisit this case. I am not some teenage girl that thinks this is funny, and I don't take any of the things that happened in the tragedy lightly."

Rome For Holmes blogger said they made the blog to discuss Holmes' case: "In my eyes James Eagan Holmes is a human being capable of making mistakes, just like the rest of us, and I wish to discuss him as such. I hope to provide as much factual information as possible. However, I support all opinions, theories, questions, thoughts, or any other concerns you might have. So feel free to send them in!"

This blogger claims they are 17 with a fascination with serial killers and murderers: "collumbine? ted bundy? btk? i love them. do i mean i love that they killed people? of course not. i would never kill anyone and i feel for the families who have lost loved ones. however, i'm always intrigued as to why they committed these crimes. how did they do it? what goes through their minds?"

A quick search on Facebook can lead you to discover this page that has 53 "friends."

Should people be allowed to support a killer openly in cyberspace?

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