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Maseca Partners With Chef Maggie Jimenez, Latina Bloggers

July 26, 2012


Chef Maggie Jimenez

Maseca, the brand synonymous with Latino families for making tortillas, tamales and sopes, recently launched a website and marketing campaign called "Maseca Nos Gusta."

To help propel the Maseca campaign, the food company partnered with 10 Latina bloggers from various Hispanic heritage backgrounds to help amplify the food brand's initiatives.

Known as as Amigas Blogueras, their blog titles include: "Presley's Pantry," "Peru Delights," "Cuponeando," and "The Other Side of the Tortilla."

VRTCCOM marketers produced the campaign and enlisted chef Maggie Jimenez to engage consumers. Jimenez is best known for her cooking show "Que Sabor!" on the Univision Network, Telefutura, which airs nationally. reached out to both Jimenez and VRTCCOM founder and CEO Octavio Orozco to find out more about the campaign. Their answers give insight into Hispanic marketing, the Hispanic family, and, of course, about Maseca products and the yummy food it produces.

HispanicBusiness: What is your role with Maseca?

Chef Maggie Jimenez: I am very excited to be the new image for Maseca USA. The brand represents a lot of things for me, among them tradition and leadership. Maseca has been part of my family for several generations; my grandmother taught me to make homemade tortillas with Maseca and now I do the same with my daughters. There is nothing better than a homemade tortilla.

My role and goal is to encourage Latina mothers to rescue the tradition of cooking for their family and prepare traditional recipes with Maseca without sacrificing the flavor of our country of origin for nutrition.

HispanicBusiness: What is it about Maseca that you like?

Chef Maggie Jimenez: When I cook with Maseca products, I feel confident that I am offering my family quality products with a unique taste. Maseca's corn flour is the perfect link between the flavors of my country and the well-being of my family.

HispanicBusiness: What are Latino families making with Maseca?

Chef Maggie Jimenez: The kitchen is the foundation of a Hispanic family. In the kitchen is where we fix our problems, we talk of every topic and is the place where we can really get together. Cooking for my family is a tradition in my home. I love to make tamales, gorditas and soups with my daughters and they love the Mexican flavor. For me, it is the way to connect with my roots.

HispanicBusiness: Are Hispanic families eating healthier and seeking out healthier versions of traditional recipes? Please explain.

Chef Maggie Jimenez: Of course Hispanic families are being more conscious of the importance of eating healthy. Nowadays, childhood obesity has grown at accelerated rates and we Hispanic parents have to set an example to our kids. In my home I try to respect the flavor of my recipes, but always cook in the healthiest way possible.

I bake a lot and avoid saturated fats. But in order to teach this to my daughters, I make sure to eat healthy, because when we change our eating habits our children do so too. That is why I feel proud to represent with Maseca so many families that, like mine, we take care of the well-being of our loved ones.

HispanicBusiness: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Chef Maggie Jimenez: Thanks for the interview! I feel proud, grateful and blessed to be part of the Maseca family, since Maseca has always been part of my family.


HispanicBusiness: How did the idea of bloggers come about?

Octavio Orozco: We were looking for a better way to personally connect with a specific target audience. We found that there were many "mommy blogs" that offered advice on various topics that were near and dear to our target. They are interested in reading the latest topics on the Web and we knew that we needed to portray the brand in a more digital aspect besides social media and talk to our target where they were.

HispanicBusiness: How did you find the bloggers and what is their role?

Octavio Orozco: The bloggers were selected based on the topics they wrote their content on. Since our product falls into the food category, we decided to select bloggers who spoke on topics regarding family, food, recipes and even couponing! They were introduced to the product and they wrote about family traditions, recipes and other benefits that the product had to offer to different moms and their families. Their blogs were also featured on the new and improved website alongside their bios, where our consumers were encouraged to visit and read their personal blogs.

HispanicBusiness: How important is social media to marketing campaigns?

Octavio Orozco: Social media plays a very important role in marketing campaigns in that it introduces information to the consumer in a new and intriguing way. It is easy for them to receive messages, review information and participate with the brand in their own time. Interaction with the consumer is vital to getting the brand in their mind and it is a great opportunity for the brand itself to reach out to them in a fast, convenient and cost-effective manner.

HispanicBusiness: How do you think Hispanics are reacting to social media?

Octavio Orozco: The Hispanic consumer is increasingly becoming more involved with social media. Social media has served as a tool to give a voice to the Hispanic consumer in the community. Smart phones and tablets are making it easier for them to participate and engage with different brands to not only learn about products but also find deals and promotions.

The new-generation Hispanic consumer is living and breathing the technology that surrounds them, and they are easily being influenced by different digital campaigns on various platforms. Not only that, but also many digital marketing campaigns are increasingly adding "Latino flavor" to provoke emotions that tie the audience to their roots and therefore better relate to them. In this manner, many Hispanic consumers turn to social media to get their news, information, gossip and 411 on anything going on in the world around them.

HispanicBusiness: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Octavio Orozco: It is our philosophy that for our communication to be effective, it must be simple and personal, touching the consumer's five senses with the goal of reaching their hearts.

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