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Search for Mona Lisa's Remains To Resume

June 18, 2012
Mona Lisa

Archeologists will resume the search for the remains of the noblewoman who posed for Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa masterpiece 500 years ago.

Florence province, owner of the site that once was the convent of Saint Orsola where Lisa Gherardini was buried in 1542, has requested that the search continue.

Archeologists in May 2011 thought they had found her remains when they located a grave containing a woman's skeleton.

Da Vinci's masterpiece of the wife of wealthy silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo hangs behind bulletproof glass at the Louvre museum in Paris. Most modern historians agree that the lady with the famously enigmatic smile depicted in the Mona Lisa was del Giocondo, who became a nun after her husband's death.

She died in July 1542 at 63 years of age.

Source: (c)2012 Adnkronos International (Rome)

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