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Jermaine Takes Top Honors on 'The Voice' Season Finale

May 9, 2012

Jason Ashley Wright

The Voice

Blasphemy alert: The finalists on "The Voice" sounded better than Justin Bieber.

I know that probably gets me in hot water with the tweens and teens, but I don't care.

Compared to some other pop chart-toppers, the four remaining artists from NBC's reality competition show are pretty amazing.

The most amazing, according to America's votes, was Jermaine, a member of Oklahoma son Blake Shelton's team, who won the top prize on Tuesday's season finale.

Then, all choked up, he had to sing "I Believe I Can Fly" as the show ended -- with his wife onstage, hugging him. Good Lord, pass the Kleenex...

It was one of the most entertaining shows of the season, and not just because of the climax. Speaking of which, Juliet from Cee Lo Green's team took second place, with Tony from Adam Levine's team taking third and Chris from Christina Aguilera's team claiming fourth.

Just when everything seemed to be going all drama-free, host Carson Daly just had to tell Chris, "You've proven to everyone that you're not one-dimensional" -- a slight fan to the flames regarding Xtina's "one-dimensional" comment to Chris from earlier in the season.

Whatever, the rest of the evening was a blast, with "The Voice" semifinalist Jamar Rogers -- the Booker T. Washington alumnus-turned-New Yorker -- joining past contestants James and Pip to sing "I Want You Back" with Jermaine.

Afterward and backstage, Jermaine referred to Jamar as "the heart and soul of season two." Again, judging by the audience reaction, quite a few others echo that sentiment.

Although I wished my beloved Sia had sung "Wild Ones" with Flo Rida, Juliet did a lovely job -- and sounded significantly better than her chart-topping stage partner.

Then, Chris sang "Bittersweet Symphony" with Lindsey and Katrina, both of whom were fabulous; Juliet brought Jamar, RaeLynn and Erin back for "With a Little Help From My Friends"; and Tony sang "Go Your Own Way" with Jordis.

In between those, though, were fun little tongue-and-cheek, behind-the-scenes skits, my favorite being the "bromance" between Blake and Adam, which apparently merited the cover of People magazine earlier this spring.

"It is clear that Adam has a crush on me," Blake said in a prerecorded bit.

"I'm not dating Blake," Adam countered. "The nature of our friendship is platonic, ... and we like to dance together."

"I'm just an object in the way," said Xtina, who, along with Cee Lo, sits between Blake and Adam.

But Blake's moved on.

"I now have a crush on Carson," he joked.

Of course, homage was paid to Purrfect the Persian cat, Cee Lo's most popular accessory on "The Voice."

"God, I can't stand that thing," Blake said in another prerecorded skit. Don't tell PETA.

Oh, and Bieber sang his "Boyfriend."

Anyway, it was an awesome end to a fun season. In the mean time, keep your ears open for Jamar. You never know when his voice might pop up on the radio.

Source: (c) 2012 Tulsa World (Tulsa, Okla.)

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