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elwiri, A Lifestyle Mobile App, Caters to the Hispanic Market

May 14, 2012

Rebecca Villaneda

elwiri co-founder Alex Goldstein checks out his product.
elwiri co-founder Alex Goldstein checks out his product.

It's no secret the Hispanic consumer's dollar is a gold mine.

New products, TV shows, and most recently, a news channels are being created to get the Hispanic consumer's attention.

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Social media has become a powerful tool in helping companies attract the Hispanic community. Multiple reports, including one by the PEW Research Center, show that Hispanics log on than more than any other ethnicity.

The founders of elwiri, Wolf Bielas and Alex Goldstein, also understand that catering to the Hispanic market can be a lucrative endeavor.

Released in March, elwiri is a lifestyle mobile application that caters to the Hispanic market. Download the app and expect coupons and discounts, videos, daily updates, news, blogs, information on local events and movie reviews and showtimes.

According to Mr. Bielas, elwiri offers companies a way to generate new customers and learn about the consumer.

"The application provides Spanish-language consumers a user friendly way to have all their entertainment and interest in one location," he said in a press release. "This application will allow consumers to forge key associations and loyalty to brands who wish to communicate to them in their language on their preferred information provider, their phones."

For merchants interested in using elwiri, some perks include precise and company specific data on consumers, including age, location, gender, interest, frequency of views; email address of users that redeems a coupon or clicks on advertisements; and loyal customers.

HispanicBusiness reached out to the creators of elwiri and Mr. Goldstein was kind enough to answer some of our questions. Here's what he said:

HispanicBusiness: How did you come up with the name?

Mr. Goldstein: In certain Central American countries "Wiri Wiri" means chit chat. Our goal is to create that dialogue among the Hispanic users. Therefore elwiri becomes something you talk about with all your family and friends.

HispanicBusiness: Can you elaborate its use--what is its mission statement?

Mr. Goldstein: The goal for elwiri is to bring to the Hispanic mobile user an easy to use free mobile application that provides all your interest and entertainment needs. elwiri will have the pulse of the lifestyle trends of the Hispanic community while becoming a reliable source of information.

HispanicBusiness: When was it launched?

Mr. Goldstein: My co-founder Wolf Bielas and I have been working on the project for 12 months but we formally launched our app in March with a partnership with the San Diego Latino Film Festival. Mr. Bielas is our CEO and has been involved for many years in software development and implementation, as the founder and CEO of RSI ID Technologies Inc. from 1991 to 2008. He also combined his computer background in Flexography to found Flexolution Technologies Inc., a software development company whose flagship product is believed to be the most comprehensive management information system available to the flexographic industry. He was also the president of Latin America for Sirit 2008-2010, a publicly traded company.

HispanicBusiness: How many donwloads since its launch?

Mr. Goldstein: The application is being opened 100,000 times a week. We plan on maintaining great content at all times to keep our current and future user base always interested and entertained.

HispanicBusiness: Why do you think Hispanics are "logging on" at a faster rate than other ethnic groups?

Mr. Goldstein: We think Hispanics are a family culture that maintains the values of community through all their daily interactions. I think Hispanics are logging on more because they are constantly engaged in dialogue and value the importance of staying connected with their family and friends.

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HispanicBusiness: What were some of the highlights and topics that you learned/heard at Hispanicize 2012?

Mr. Goldstein: It was interesting to see the initiative some corporations are undertaking to cater specifically to the Hispanic consumer. Everyone knows the rising demographic statistics but few companies are developing the correct strategies to capture the rising Hispanic consumer spending while building loyal support and brand ambassadors within the Hispanic community.

HispanicBusiness: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Mr. Goldstein: We created a product that is catered for the Hispanic mobile user. Our motto is, "una aplicacion echa para ti" (an application made for you). We are committed to constantly improving our app and listening to our user base. We want to deliver a product that is valuable and relevant to the community and we want for everyone to feel part of that growth.

elwiri is available for both iPhone and Android cell phones.

Follow elwiri on Twitter @fansdelwiri.

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