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Selena's Husband Pens A Book: 'To Selena, With Love'

March 30, 2012

Rebecca Villaneda--HispanicBusiness


In honor of his late wife, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, Chris Perez has penned a book: "To Selena, With Love."

Selena was a Mexican American singer-songwriter known as "The Queen of Tejano music." People called her the Mexican version of Madonna and Jennifer Lopez starred in the movie that gave American audiences a better perspective of who this cross-culture star really was.

Tragically, her life was cut short at age 23 after being murdered by Yolanda Saldívar, the president of her fan club. Tomorrow, March 31, will be the 17th anniversary of her death.

Perez met Selena in 1990 when he joined the family band as a guitarist. The two soon fell in love despite Selena's father's disapproval at the beginning of their relationship. They were married in April, 1992.

In an interview with CNN, Perez said he felt enough time had passed and he was comfortable sharing stories and memories of he and his wife.

"I had communicated with Selena's fans on Facebook and the Internet and that had an impact on me and made me start thinking about it," "Having done book signings and promoting the book the response has been incredible. Because I've been quiet for so long, the book shines a different light on Selena and the fans have been very grateful for that."

Watch Selena perform one of her No. 1 hits--"Como La Flor," in Texas:

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