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St. Patrick's Day Recipe: Irish Coffee

March 15, 2012
St. Patrick's Day, Recipe, Irish Coffee

Making Green Beer is one great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day -- but here's another, and one that's perhaps better for the cold, cold Ides of March: Irish Coffee. Here's our recipe for St. Patrick's Day Irish Coffee, with a few extra options outlined for a twist on the classic.

Since being introduced stateside by San Francisco's Buena Vista, Irish coffee -- a marriage of Irish whiskey and coffee -- has been a hit. The Buena Vista's been making its Irish coffee recipe since 1952; for the step-by-step Irish coffee recipe, check out this recipe page.

6 oz. of hot coffee
2 sugar cubes or teaspoons of sugar
1.5 oz. of Irish whiskey (suggestions: Tullamore Dew)
Heavy cream for whipping

Whip the cream ahead of time. Combine the other ingredients, mix until sugar dissolves. Top it off with the whipped cream. Enjoy!

Variations include using brown sugar instead of white, adding a half-ounce of your favorite complementary liqueur (Kahlua, Frangelico, or Bailey's Irish Cream are good options), or substitute the whiskey altogether for your favorite spirit. Less Irish, but still in the St. Patrick's Day spirit of merriment.

For an especially gourmet experience, make the coffee fresh yourself, from ground whole beans, using one of these methods: stovetop moka pot or French press pot.

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