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Purple Squirrel Released Into Wild

Feb. 9, 2012

Staff -- HispanicBusiness Inc.

A purple squirrel found in Jersey Shore, Penn., has been released into the wild, media are reporting. That's right. Purple squirrel.

"I kept telling my husband I saw a purple (squirrel) out in the yard," Connie Emert told He didn't believe her. "Well," she said, "he checked the trap around noon on Sunday and sure enough, there it was."

Speculation on how the squirrel came to be purple included the notion that it had gotten hold of a purple ink cartridge and groomed the pigment into its fur. Pictures of the animal -- if pictures can be believed -- show the purple color to be uniform, however, which would tend to discount that idea, as the Huffington Post points out.

HuffPo instead passes along the alarming theory that the color could come from water contaminated by hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a process for releasing petroleum, natural gas and other fossil fuels from source rocks. Fracking is practiced in Pennsylvania.

"The squirrel has too much bromide in its system possibly from all the bromide laced frack water it's been drinking," Krish Pillai, of Lock Haven University, wrote in the comments section of the website. "I would raise the alarm. This could mean bladder cancer for humans down the road."

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