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Huge Whale Shark Caught in Arabian Sea

Feb. 8, 2012

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Whale shark
Whale shark

A whale shark the size of a school bus was hauled up by fishermen out of the Pakistani port of Karachi on Tuesday, the International Herald Tribune is reporting. The animal is reported as between 40 and 50 feet long.

The fishermen found the leviathan floating unconscious about 90 miles from port. At least five cranes were needed to haul the animal out of the water, according to the report.

Other reports said the animal was found dead by a pier at the Charai Fishery, according to MSNBC. The fish was sold there for 1.7 million rupees ($18.700).

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The whale shark is the world's largest fish, reaching sizes up to 40 feet, according to the National Geographic. It primarily subsists on the tiny plants and animals that make up plankton, which it scoops up by swimming slowly along with its mouth gaping open.

Despite its name, it is not related to whales. And despite being a shark, it has a docile temperament and is not known to be dangerous to humans.

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MSNBC has video and photographs of the whale shark.

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