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Is There a 'Top Model' in Texas?

Dec. 7, 2012

Cassie Smith

Hundreds stood in line Thursday in College Station, dressed in their best each believing they could become America's Next Top Model.

Near the front of the line, 21-year-old Haley Elmore, of Dallas, said she'd driven down that morning for the casting call from the CW Network's reality TV show. Elmore said she believes she can represent all women and not just the rail-thin ones.

"I believe it takes inner beauty, intelligence and outer beauty also. It's not just about the face and body all the time," she said.

Elmore said she's very photogenic and was excited to have the opportunity to audition.

"I just love the energy of the camera," she said.

One winner from the night will be awarded the chance to meet with the show's casting director in Los Angeles on Jan. 5. This is the first time the show, which will air in summer 2013, has held a casting call in College Station and opened it up to male models.

Many trying out had been standing in line since before the sun rose even though the casting call didn't open until 2 p.m. After hours of standing in line, model hopefuls were brought out of the wind and into a room with bright lights and three judges: Josh Gorbutt, KBTX promotions director and director of operations for CW8, Michael Oder of KBTX-TV and Katy Dempsey of Candy 95.

Each contestant walked a brief runway, striking a pose on occasion, before being drilled by the judges on their personality, thoughts on the show being co-ed, and what they'd bring to the series. Several of those auditioning were asked what the craziest thing was they'd ever done by the judges. Answered ranged from drug use to nude beaches to being arrested to sneaking out of the house. The hopefuls were then escorted out of the room and the judges began to rate each one on a multitude of levels.

Carlos Martinez, 21, of Houston, impressed Dempsey with his "natural, straight-out-of-the-shower" hair, which he then allowed her to run her fingers through. Martinez said before the audition that Thursday was his birthday and he couldn't be any more excited to be there.

"Being a model would be my dream," he said. "Fashion is my life. I live and breath it. I need the fashion industry as much as it needs me, that's why I'm here and that's why I will win."

Harry Castallo, 23, of Houston, said he's originally from Colombia and always dreamed of being a model.

"I have the attitude and good qualities to be America's Next Top Model," he said.

Jed Martinez, 27, of Dallas, said he was glad the show opened up its competition to men.

"I'm not completely skinny like everyone but I represent America," he said.

Jeremiah Jenkins, 20, from Huntsville, said a few of his friends brought it to his attention that the casting call was being held in College Station. Jenkins said it was too great an opportunity to miss.

"I've always wanted to do something big, make some sort of a difference in the world," Jenkins said.

Texas A&M student Jullius Jackson, 19, said he'd also always wanted to model professionally. Jackson stood with a friend in the line who was there for encouragement to help prep the teenager on the casting call.

"I ate some cereal and came with a smile on my face," Jackson said.

Sporting turquoise beads and ear rings, Blinn College student Kayla Reynaud, 19, said she's majoring in child development but in the back of her mind has always had the desire to be a model.

"I think its going to take a lot or courage and a lot of determination to become America's Next Top Model and really be headstrong throughout this competition," she said. "I think you just have to have a positive attitude throughout this competition."

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