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The Rejuvenator(TM) Showerhead Offers Spa-Like Washing Experience

Dec 4 2012 12:00AM



SAN GABRIEL, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 12/04/12 -- Rejuvenator Products™ has launched a revolutionary new showerhead, which harnesses an innovative water technology, to dramatically enhance the shower experience and improve skin care. Rejuvenator Products™ is marketed by San Gabriel Valley Merchandise Center, LLC.

Called The Rejuvenator™, the showerhead uses Microbubble Technology™, developed in Asia, to help lift dirt particles from the skin, while using a softer less abrasive stream of water.

"What sets The Rejuvenator™ apart from your average showerhead is the carefully engineered Microbubble Technology™ which provides a spa-like showering experience," said Charles Pilcher, Chief Operating Officer of San Gabriel Valley Merchandise Center, LLC.

"The Rejuvenator™ showerhead was tested in typical residential water supply conditions and verified to produce microbubbles," said Elliot L. Stern, Ph.D., P.E. "The microbubbles were generated as a result of the water flow through an internal venturi tube design with an air intake which produces and entrains microbubbles within the water supplied through the showerhead. Microbubble generation is associated with the Lenard effect where air molecules are negatively charged. The beneficial use of microbubbles has been demonstrated in a wide variety of applications."

"Think about the shower experience," Pilcher added. "High pressure water beats down on skin and can serve to push the dirt into skin more deeply. With our technology, the naturally charged bubbles serve to lift dirt from the skin."

Among a pilot test group of U.S. consumers, users said their skin felt much more moisturized, saw a reduction in the number of blackheads and generally felt more refreshed. In addition to the well-designed benefits of The Rejuvenator™, the showerhead is simple to install.

"I admit I was skeptical," said Doris Stoveken, part of the pilot test group. "But after using the product once, I noticed an appreciable difference in the softness of my hair. It really has been amazing."

"I've been working in the cosmetic industry for 15 years and struggled with skin issues, whether it be my acne or dry skin," explained Nefretiti Phillips, a cosmetician at Nordstrom. "Since using this showerhead, I've seen tremendous results. My acne cleared up, I feel more moisturized, and overall, my skin just feels cleaner."

The product, which will be available at retail outlets in 2013, is currently available through the company's website,

Jamie DeVivo
(732) 236-5065

Source: Marketwire

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