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Hydroxycut(TM): Mobile Apps Support Weight Loss Efforts

Dec 20 2012 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 12/20/12 -- Weight loss is an important goal for some members of today's society, one that has sparked the creation of countless products and services to assist individuals in losing their excess pounds. This article reports that this surge in the development of weight loss resources has even taken the technological industry by storm, as mobile applications -- or "apps," as they are called -- have been developed to assist individuals with their weight loss efforts. The makers of Hydroxycut™ assert that these apps can actually help individuals succeed in reaching their weight loss goals as part of an overall diet and exercise plan.

The article reports: "To help in this fight... modern technology has developed tools and technologies aimed at making the task and motivation to keep going. There are thousands of mobile apps on the market today all targeted at helping users find better ways to eat, count calories, and get up and move. Navigating through this sea of options can be as difficult as tying up shoelaces and getting started for most users already bogged down with the burden of a new lifestyle change."

Mobile technology is virtually everywhere in today's world. Mobile apps are available on smart phones and tablets, which many individuals own. By taking the ability to track calories consumed and burned with them as they go throughout their day, dieters can better assess their performance with regard to weight loss and make the necessary adjustments to their meal plan and exercise routine.

The convenience that mobile apps offer is second to none when it comes to tracking efforts to lose excess pounds. The makers of Hydroxycut™ explain how these tools fit into a well-developed weight loss strategy: "The core goal of any weight loss effort is to burn more calories than one consumes. While there are other nuances to weight loss, this is the central idea. But how are people to know if they are succeeding in this task if they are unsure how many calories they are actually eating or burning at the gym? By creating an easy way for them to log these calories, these mobile apps have developed a simple way for dieters to better monitor their diet and exercise efforts."


Hydroxycut™ is the number one, best-selling weight loss supplement brand in America. The key weight-loss ingredients in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut™ are lady's mantle extract, wild olive extract, komijn extract, and wild mint extract. These ingredients have demonstrated the ability to help reduce BMI and encourage weight loss for participants involved in two clinical studies. In the first study, the average weight loss with these key ingredients was 20.94 pounds over a 12-week period. In the second study, the average weight loss was 16.50 pounds over an 8-week period. All groups involved in these studies followed a reduced-calorie diet.

Hydroxycut™ is available in several formats, including Pro Clinical Hydroxycut™, Caffeine Free Hydroxycut™ Herbal, and more.

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Source: Marketwire

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