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Honda to Recall 807,000 Vehicles in US

Dec 13, 2012
Honda Pilot

Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. announced Wednesday it is recalling 807,000 sport utility vehicles in the United States due to a rollaway problem, according to local media reports.

Honda said the move is taken to deal with the faulty ignition interlock. It went into detail by saying that a part in the ignition interlock could be damaged or worn, which enables the key to be removed even if the transmission lever of a motor vehicle has not been shifted to park.

The recall in the U.S. includes 318,000 Honda Odyssey and 259,000 Honda Pilot vehicles of 2003-2004 models, as well as 230,000 Acura MDX crossovers of 2003-2006 models.

The U.S. safety investigators began a probe into the 2003-2004 Odyssey and Pilot vehicles early in October on receiving 43 consumer complaints related to the ignition switch.

Worldwide, the Japanese automaker is expected to recall 871,000 vehicles this time.

Source: Copyright Xinhua News Agency - CEIS 2012