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Patrick Schwarzenegger Wants to Go Into Politics

Nov. 8, 2012
Patrick Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger is thinking about going into the family business - not acting, but politics.

The son of former California governor and action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed his ambition in a tweet after he voted in Tuesday's general election, saying that he engaged "in a political debate with my friends about Romney vs. Obama. I might actually have a future in politics, now that I think about it."

His political roots come not only from his famous father but also his mother's side of the family: Maria Shriver is a scion member of the Kennedy political clan and niece of slain president John F Kennedy.

Currently a student and part-time actor and model, Schwarzenegger already has ideas about how to improve the political system.

"Can we all admit that the electoral college system is a joke and it should be banished? This system doesn't make sense to me," he tweeted. "Let's all work together to get out of this economic slump and bring our national debt where it should be!"

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