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Social Media: Obama's Victory Speech; Twitter's 20-million Tweet Day

Nov. 7, 2012

Robert A. Cronkleton, The Kansas City Star

We followed how the election played out on social media with periodic updates about what is being said on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

Here's what caught our eye:

Obama victory speech draws praise, some criticism on Twitter.

It was late, but Kansas Citians stayed up late to hear Obama's victory speech. Some believed it was among his best, giving him kudos when he talked about his wife. Still others pointed out that Obama doesn't have a plan for the future of the country.

Here's what people were saying in the wee hours of the morning on Twitter.

@myfriendstef: Holy crap! I didn't think I'd be all stirred up at 1am, but damn! That was a great speech President Obama!

@__amanderr: This is why I like Obama. "It's not about your own campaign party it's about America and how we can fix the issues that matter."

@aliciard: We all have to have faith and give potus #Obama opportunity to bring our American family together!

@j_hawkprincess: Obama is such a smooth talker

@Xspos: Everytime Obama mention Romney the place gets quiet , Hahahahahahaha

@nateG_23: Even though Obama won, he clearly does not have a plan for the future of our country.

@alli_girl_kc: the only thing i hope for from this election is that obama realizes that the country is not happy and hopefully with work with both parties

@cookseyftw: I can't sleep. Obama won again, & my cast comes off tomorrow. It's like Christmas.

@gabriellmarie: oh the words President Obama said about Michelle :) awwww

@BrooklynJayhawk: Respect to Obama for shouting out his girl like that. #gentleman

@markvanbaale: High regards for Obama for recognizing and appreciating his wife and kids for the pillar of support they are to him.

@Glith: Obama is making one heck of a speech tonight. #election2012

@laurenkuehl: 5 years ago my mom & I went campaigning for Obama, Im proud to say he was the 1st & 2nd person I voted for & was president for 8 years!

@JeneeinKC: Both speeches tonight were wonderful. I'm glad Obama isn't shying away from the division. We must come together. Forward, folks

@DreamChaserCEO: Preach Obama !!!!!!!!!

}@smithtara: I cannot believe Obama is still talking. It's freaking 1am and the campaign is won. You can stop talking about it now.

@Combsysaid: Put everything aside and just listen to what Obama is saying. Can you honestly not relate to what he is saying?

@aaronlindberg: I am willing to bet Obama got an A+ in his public speaking classes. #motivation

@Just_Inthesky: Don't tell me I missed Obama speech ... Iv been waiting up for this all night

@amritsidhu24: Still wanted #Romney to win, but got respect for #Obama

@eric_wreath: If almost the entire world thinks Obama should be president, then I think we made a pretty damn good choice.

@JeffBowen07: I bet Obama got 100% on all his speeches in college

@wjoewatson: Both Romney and Obama look utterly wiped out in their speeches tonight. Why anyone would run for public office is beyond me.

@blah89blah: I'm glad Obama has won...but I can't listen to anymore speeches from anybody right now...

@ChristinaZunig1: Now I can finally got to bed. Congratulations President Obama.

Twitter has big day

Twitter reported more than 20 million tweets on Election Day. That made Tuesday the most tweeted about event in U.S. political history.

Here's that announcement and some other interesting facts from Twitter:

@gov: With 20 million tweets, Election Day just became the most tweeted about event in US political history. #election2012

@gov: Networks' call of @BarackObama reelection spiked #Election2012-related Tweets to 327,453 per minute at 11:19p EST.

}@gov: Peak to 327k TPM following @BarackObama's re-election was by far the most-tweeted moment of #Election2012.

}@gov Minutes after winning re-election for a second term, @BarackObama has his most retweeted tweet ever

Here is Obama's tweet:

@BarackObama: Four more years.

Romney concedes; KC area tweets their respect

As Romney conceded the presidential race to Obama, Kansas Citians on Twitter expressed their respect for Romney and his speech.

Here's a sampling of what was said:

@AndreaPlunkett: Mitt Romney is a classy, presidential guy. Thanks for giving it your best shot.

@PeaceLoveDes: #Romney deserves respect regardless of your Political View. Some people are so NASTY.

@SchwandtyPippen: Real class act by Romney.. I do respect the man just didn't always agree with his viewpoints. I'm done tweeting now haha

@RealDerekGood: Romney being very classy. Respect.

@ladylaw80: Not gonna diss Romney he was a good competitor. I'm a firm believr in competion makes u bettr thus I'm expectn big things frm the President

@livlemley: Mitt Romney is legit making me cry right now. I think I'm really tired. #emotionaboutelection

@wjoewatson: Very modest applause from a huge crowd as Mott Romney says he hopes the President does well for the country.

@oceanicfeelings: #Romney is a stud.

}@CooshMoosh: Okay Romney is being very gentlemanly about losing the election. Take a note, young adults. #election #obama

@BrandonWoodard: As much as I disliked Romney, thank you for putting up the fight and challenging the Obama campaign

@lauren_jazz: Short and classy. Good job, Mr. Romney.

}@msilverman: Snark and woofing aside for one tweet: Good, respectful, humble concession speech by Mr. Romney.

@sarajeboltz: I am not a fan of Romney, but the way he spoke about his wife......#beautiful

@HannahJessie12: While I didn't vote for Mitt Romney, he ran hard, made it so far, and is acting like a professional on stage right now.

Tweets call for Romney to concede so people can go to bed

With Obama projected the winner, people are tweeting asking for Romney to concede. There will be many tired folks from the Kansas City area.

@nflyt12: I'ma need Romney to accept it and concede so I can go to bed!

@ArikaMM: Bro needs to concede already.

@courtneylube: Romney..concede already! I wanna watch the speeches and go to bed

@SarahCanovi: Romney still not ready to concede. Still looking at numbers.

@littleroo27: no, really, I NEED SLEEP!!! Concede already, my god!

}@kirubreezy: C'mon Mitt...Concede so I can go to my BED!!!!!!!!!

}@CarlyDuvall: Mr. Romney, please call and concede. I am getting too old to wait up for the speeches. #Realist

@ShanePBrady: Mind you, i never thought Mitt would win, but who cares if he won't concede now. It makes no difference.

}@Mr_Unapologetic: They saying Romney not ready to's ok man take your time while we turning up with Re-Elect Obama!!!

@SarcasmToSpare: I don't care how long it takes. I WILL see Mitt Romney concede. #teamnosleep

Obama projected winner, Twitter erupts

It wasn't hard to notice when Obama was projected the winner of the presidential race over Romney. Twitter activity spiked and #2Terms, #4moreyears quickly became trending topics.

Here's what was being said in the area on Twitter:

@3JohnSaenz: BOOM!! Obama WON!! #FinallyItsDone #Democrat

@19_November19th: obama wonnn.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@stay_careless: shout out everybody that actually voted for obama

@barrooook: I'd pay anything to see your face expression now @MittRomney lol #Obama

@C_Swag100: Oh America, how much I love you. #Obama #ReElected #TwoTerms


@PrudentialPat: The people chanting "Obama" in Times Square are quite scary! He's the President, not Tina Turner! Congrats, though ;) #Goodness

@CassandraStu3n: To be honest, I'm mostly just happy Michelle Obama is still the first lady.

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