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Celebrities Sound Off on Presidential Debate

Oct. 23, 2012



Last night's final presidential debate spurred 6.5 million tweets about the 90-minute debate last night on the social media network, according to Twitter's Blog.

Specific moments generating the greatest volume of conversation throughout the night, according to Twitter employees' calculations, were:

--105,767 TPM - 9:45pm EDT - Obama: "We also have fewer horses and bayonets"

--102,339 TPM - 10:31pm EDT - Schieffer: "I think we all love teachers"

--87,040 TPM - 9:58pm EDT - Romney on Obama's "apology tour"

Calebrities were also involved in those millions of tweets. Here are some we found:

Eva Longoria (@EvaLongoria): "Thank u all for #WeStandWithEva but don't worry about me, I'm strong, let's work as hard as we can to re-elect President Obama! #Obama2012

Singer Janelle Monae (@JanelleMonae): "President Obama is exposing Romney's Romnesia symptoms so hard right now. Romney is so mad. Romnesia changes his Position so much."

Tyrese Gibson (@Tyrese): "President OBAMA!!! You ARE going to be Re-Elected.....We're celebrating already!!! #TeamObama"

Busta Rhymes (@BusaBusss): "RT @BarackObama: RT if you're ready to cheer on President Obama in tonight's debate. #StrongerWithObama"

Mia Farrow (@MiaFarrow): "President Obama brought it home #fourmoreyears."

Sherri Shepherd (@SherriEShepherd): Very clear victory - President Obama... a heavyweight fight & Pres did a ropa-dope!

Cedrick the Entertainer (@CedEntertainer): Who is judging these #Debates the NFL replacement Ref's. Romney, has no answers, few Facts, and Agreed with POTUS on most things. #set-up!"

Tichina Arnold (@TichinaArnold): "The GOP says romney LOOKED presidential. I say #Obama "IS" presidential."

Christy Turlington (@CTurlington): "Soundtrack #Debate2012 #Mitt (China to US?) "Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man?"

Jason Alexander (@IJasonAlexander): "I say, I do not trust Mitt Romney. AFter 5 years of campaigning, his ideas are whatever will work today. No consistency. Lie after lie."

Kate Walsh (@katewalsh): "If 'attacking' is calling mitt Romney on his shifting positions at EVERY TURN then please, attack."

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