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Earjax Bumps Headphones: Crisp, Comfortable, Convenient

Sept. 8, 2011

BodyGuardz, Earjax Bumps, headphones review

BodyGuardz Earjax line of headphones wows you with a wall of advice, even before you experience their walls of sound. The packaging and enclosed instructions make it clear through instructions on getting the most out of your product that the usual sort of planned obsolescence we see from tech manufacturers is not on the table. The company wants you to enjoy your earjax, and enjoy them for a long, long time.

We tested a pair of the Earjax Bumps, the model with the built-in microphone ($39.95). In line with the mission of keeping your Earjax safe, they come with an aluminum tube in which you can store them, and a lanyard on which you can strap the tube.

The first notable thing that came to our attention was how good these were at blocking out sound, even without the so-called "noise cancelling" designation, and how comfortable they were right out of the box. Even so, they come with a parcel of silicone tips, helping ensure such comfort in any ear.

The sounds themselves are pretty pristine -- we noticed a wider range of crisp sounds than from our out-of-the-box headphones, a definite step up in quality from what we were used to in both music and podcast applications.

A nice feature is the microphone, which enables you to take phone calls without pulling out your headphones. It even works well as an external recording device (assuming you are just recording yourself). The package comes with a clip, which helps position the microphone optimally.

All in all, we'd happily recommend the Earjax Bumps, which compare favorably sound-wise to headphones we've spent twice as much on, and have the microphone feature, enabling convenient phone calls, to boot.

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