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Forever 27 Club: Amy Winehouse Joins Musicians Who Died at 27

July 25, 2011

Rebecca Villaneda--HispanicBusiness

amy winehouse

English singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse died on Saturday, July 23, 2011.

Winehouse, 27, was at her London home and the cause of death is still under investigation.

The singer grew up listening to Julie London, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Thelonius Monk, according to a Los Angeles obituary.

Her 2006 album, "Back to Black," led to six Grammy Award nominations and five wins. It made Winehouse the first British female to win five Grammys.

Following the news of Winehouse's death--many media outlets, including the Times, began including her in the Club 27 list of musicians who died at the age of 27. The list also is known as Forever 27 Club.

The most famous on the Club 27 list are: Robert Johnson (blues), Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones (rock), Jimi Hendrix (rock), Janis Joplin (rock) Jim Morrison of The Doors (rock) and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana (grunge).

Ironically, Morrison's longtime girlfriend, Pamela Susan Courson also died of the age of 27 following his death.

Missing the 27 curse, were musicians Bradley Nowell, lead singer of Sublime and Shannon Hoon, frontman and lead singer of Blind Melon. Both were 28 and both died of overdoses.

Other musicians/artists who died at 27, include:

Rudy Lewis of The Drifters
Malcolm Hale of Spanky and Our Gang
Alan Wilson of Canned Heat
Arlester "Dyke" Christian of Dyke and the Blazers
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan of the Grateful Dead
David Michael Alexander of The Stooges
Pete Ham of Badfinger
Gary Thain of Keef Hartley Band and Uriah Heep
Helmut Köllen of Triumvirat
Chris Bell of Big Star
D. Boon of the Minutemen
Mia Zapata of The Gits
Kristen Pfaff of Janitor Joe and Hole
Richey James Edwards of Manic Street Preachers
Fat Pat
Freaky Tah of Lost Boyz
Sean McCabe of Ink & Dagger
Maria Serrano Serrano of Passion Fruit
Jeremy Michael Ward of De Facto and The Mars Volta
Bryan Ottoson of American Head Charge

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