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Greenpeace Barbie Protest Sees 'Ken' Stand Up for Rain Forest

June 8, 2011
Greenpeace Barbie Protest Sees 'Ken' Stand Up for Rainforest

Yesterday, at Mattel's headquarters in Los Angeles, it appeared that Ken himself protested Barbie and the company's packaging practices. Greenpeace, noted for its fervor in efforts to protect nature, again showed its strategy of humor mixed with vigilance, as Barbie protesters scaled the Mattel building to hang a banner portraying a dissatssfied Ken. A protester notably dressed as Barbie play-acted willful ignorance of the packaging practices as others passed out informational leaflets.

Greenpeace is protesting the Barbie lines packaging, which the advocacy group characterizes as "cheap" and says "is produced by Indonesia's most notorious rainforest destroyer, Asia Pulp and Paper."

Greenpeace also produced a comical video to help get its point across (see below). Other notable examples of Greenpeace's humor include its successful "Traitor Joe" campaign, highlighted Trader Joe's red-list seafood carrying practices -- policies which the grocery chain has now reexamined.

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