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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Confronts Bill Maher About Lara Logan Mention

Nov. 16, 2011


Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck confronted Bill Maher on The View this week regarding a "joke" he made in spring.

Maher appeared on the daytime talk show to promote his new book.

Hasselbeck brought up a moment that "bothered" her, she said. She took exception to a joke Maher made in spring in which he suggested that former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarek released Lara Logan in exchange for Hasselbeck. "That wasn't that funny," she said to him, as he sat right next to her. "It was not aimed at you personally, but you are a public figure," he calmly told her, explaining his show is on HBO.

Logan, a journalist, was mobbed in Tahrir Square in Cairo reporting for a "60 Minutes" segment. The reporter became separated from her bodyguard and found herself in the middle of the mob.

See the clip of Maher on The View here.

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