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Tech Vault: Recharge Right at Your Workstation with Electric Moka Pot

April, 2010

Jeremy Nisen, Online Editor

Tech undoubtedly improves our working lives in many ways -- the ability to get things done anywhere, for instance. Or to accomplish tasks more efficiently and simply do them better.

But technology also allows for the sartorial, the gourmet, the aesthetically pleasing . . . even in the office.

One of the coolest gadgets I've seen is the DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker. Extended nomenclature aside, this device simply allows one to easily enjoy good, fresh coffee at one's desk, both increasing the pleasure of your morning joe (as it couldn't be fresher) and reducing your need to visit the break room . . . or, indeed, consume what passes for "coffee" in most offices.

The moka pot, is also known as the "stovetop espresso maker," a nickname that's somewhat erroneous, as the device does not make espresso, which requires nine bars of pressure from a true espresso machine.
But the moka pot makes a great version of coffee that hits the sweet spot between true espresso and simple drip.

With its syrupy, velvety mouth feel and rich, encompassing flavor, coffee from moka pots is a perfect way to prepare for your busy day. But they usually go on your stove. This model is electric and, therefore, quite friendly for your desktop.

Here's how it works:

1. Fill that base chamber with good drinking water. Coffee is mostly water; naturally you'll want to use the best available. Fill to just below the relief valve;

2. Place the funnel unit in the base chamber and fill it with a medium grind of coffee (any finer and it'll clog);

3. Attach the top chamber to the base;

4. Press the power button; and

5. After a few minutes, listen for the water to his and pop; as a wonderful smell fills your workplace, you can watch the clear chamber slowly fill up with beautiful, fragrant, hot coffee.

Most moka pots don't have that clear top chamber, so this desktop model is especially pleasing to the eye. With an auto shutoff function there's little need to worry about a fire hazard, and the keep-warm function will ensure top-temp coffee if you can't manage to pour it right away. (After all, you're at work, and the "mission-critical" always tops the "caffeine-critical").

The only real disadvantage is your colleagues will smell it and come running. Don't worry it cleans easy enough that they can borrow it shortly after your done. Or they can afford their own. A mere $60 from

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