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The Best April Fools' Day Jokes: Obama's Seder, Topeka, Starbuckets, and Justin Bieber

April 1, 2010

Andrea Whiting,

In these tough economic times, media of course takes any excuse to lure readers in with the myriad bad jokes, puns, and cliches which tend to surround holidays (real and imagined and, such as this one, some weird combination of the two.)

Not that we'd stoop that low. Here, Hispanic Business compiles a list of the more entertaining and absurd April Fools-related attempts at humor. This is very serious business, dear readers!

- Tried Googling something today? Or rather, Topeka-ing? Google's CEO Eric Schmidt today announced Google has officially changed its name to honor the glamorous city in Kansas. See his blog post for proper conjugations of the new name.

- New York Times writer Bob Tedeschi plays out a pretty funny prank via iPhone app, in which he tries to get an invite to President Obama's Seder. Better luck next time, Bob.

- Thank god, finally, a Big Gulp of caffeine. Starbucks announces new drink sizes: Thumbelina's shot glass and farmhouse-style trough (the Starbucket, perhaps?). Direct IV-drip of French drip optional.

- The U.K.'s Independent reports the London Underground may soon be home to its very own particle accelerator, similar to Geneva's Large Hadron Collider. Being housed together in the Circle Line will facilitate communication between Dan Brown fans (who fear this nuclear research signals the end of the world) and actual scientists.

- And perhaps most riveting, Justin Bieber takes over Funny or Die, with a little help from his signature swing-y hair.

Happy April Fools' Day!

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