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Spider-Man on Broadway Gets Shaky Start

November 29, 2010

Gary Fackler -- HispanicBusiness


Spider-Man on Broadway, a new musical that will go down as the costliest production to date, has gotten an extremely shaky start, with technical glitches and poor reviews by critics.

The play centers on high-flying actors that are suspended by cables from the ceiling of the theater, allowing them to zoom across stage and out into the audience using a precise, four-cable anchoring system pioneered by football broadcasters, who use the setup to precisely position television cameras above the action.

Problems arose during Sunday's preview performance when a number of cables gave way, dangling the actors haphazardly above the audience, and preventing some of the precision aerobatics that are the calling cards of the production.

Extended intermissions were called to repair the errant cables, but the fixes could not prevent critics from panning the production, which cost the producer a staggering $65 million--the largest production tab in Broadway history.

The 'New York Post' said the production was an "epic flop," and that "Not even Spiderman could avert this disaster."

The play, which includes a musical score by rock stars Bono and the Edge, front men of U2, was profiled by Leslie Stall in Sunday's '60 Minutes.'

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