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Corner Office: Positive Influences Abound for Influential Hispanics

October Issue

Jesús Chavarría--Editor & Publisher, Hispanic Business Magazine

Positive Influences Abound for Influenial Hispanics

The October 100 Influentials issue offers once again, as it has for the past 27 years, an admirable array of interesting and talented people. They come from all regions of the country and from a variety of national origins. They share some basic things in common: they view themselves ethnically as U.S. Hispanics and they're all achievers.

There are differences among them of course. Yet the dynamic between differences and similarities is creative, adding to the diversity of the group. Besides their Hispanic ethnicity, the reality is that all of them have excelled in the field of education and hold the experience of learning dearly. They're all highly educated individuals driven by a very strong achievers' and leadership gene. They're bright, articulate and, one assumes, empowered with excellent people skills, which after all transform into a critical asset in the game of life.

Because they're American Hispanics differentiated by generational status, they're not quite the same as all other Hispanics on the globe. Th e American experience makes them different, yet they can most certainly reach out to others far away whether they're Hispanic or not and communicate and relate with, one would think, excellent results. They are people who understand the culture of influence.

In the many years we have been producing this story for our readers – some 27 years having launched the story in 1983 – we have seen it become, at least for some, a badge of recognition.

What gives the list such a shine comes from the fact it is the product of a major research endeavor and the list goes through many iterations and filters. Especially exciting every year is the community of excellence and achievement, which emerges as the data is pushed and pulled. Slowly the community of influentials emerges. Ultimately the list is a remarkable portrait from our vantage point of new, emerging American leadership. This year's 100 Influentials story comes to you, our readers, with a special focus on Washington, D.C. Th e special emphasis points to the growing influence of U.S. Hispanics in the nation's capital. Th at influence extended for the fi rst time this year to the Supreme Court. But Hispanic influence on Capitol Hill continues to grow, as it has on President Obama's cabinet.

With this issue we also spread, for the first time, the 100-story presentation among print and online platforms. One-half of the 100 Influentials story appears in the magazine, the full l00 appear on as well as in the magazine's digital edition. Readers are able to appreciate the more static, informational and branding presentation in print and contrast it with the more graphically active, fully charged, hyperlinked presentation in digital. We encourage readers' comments; we want to receive a quick online note from you as to whether you approve or not the way we have for the first time presented this iconic story.

Source: (c) 2009. All rights reserved.

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