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Bodyguardz Protects Your Handheld Gadgets--But is it the Best?

Aug. 10, 2009


Bodyguardz invisible phone protector review

A few months ago, we put Zagg's invisibleSHIELD phone/product protector to the test, and were generally pleased with the results.

We came across BodyGuardz from NLU Products, a very similar shield that sticks right to your device -- in our case, a smartphone. The BodyGuardz and invisibleSHIELD products, in fact, have so much in common that to read both reviews could lead to deja vu.

As we noted with invisibleSHIELD, the process of putting the BodyGuardz transparent skin onto a device is rather laborious. There's a whole kit, complete with a squeegee, the skin, application fluid, and step-by-step instructions on how to stick it on. And then there's that horrible 12 hours where you can't use your lifeline phone. But, after that one-time torture, BodyGuardz shows how valuable it really is.

For those who are most comfortable with a phone in the pocket, the BodyGuardz shield is great; loose keys in the pocket are unable to leave a mark on the shield, let alone the phone. And, as we unfortunately are rather prone to dropping things, BodyGuardz showed that it can take a hit from various surfaces without scratching as well (though such drops undoubtedly damage inner device workings, so best not to push it).

The shielding did add a slight glare to our device, but so did the Zagg product -- and in both cases, we can live with it for the benefit. In fact, we highly recommend both; neither eliminate the need for a padded carrying case, but both keep your phone safe from unsightly blemishes.

There are some key differentiators, though, between BodyGuardz and invisibleSHIELD. In terms of grip, we preferred the feel in our hands of the invisibleSHIELD. It's a little more rubbery, a little more "grippy." The Bodyguardz feels less secure in our fingers; a little slicker. This is just a matter of personal preference. Another minor gripe: the Bodyguardz product is more prone to fingerprints, On the positive side, Bodyguardz seems to stick better; after a few weeks of using the invisibleSHIELD, there was a little fraying at the edges. Bodyguardz has less give in casual tests with fingernails and keys; it feels the it's on there more securely.

While most of the above indeed comes down to personal preference, Bodyguardz undeniably represents a better value. The simple fact is for the phone we tested in both cases, the shield product came in at about $25. The Zagg version includes one skin for that price; the Bodyguardz includes two. Whether you're on a family plan and your spouse uses the same phone model, or you just want to have an extra skin for the phone, Bodyguardz wins out on the bang for buck test.

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