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HB 30th Anniversary: Testimonials

June Issue
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HispanicBusiness Magazine readers tell us what the magazine means to them and how it has affected their lives. Bonus online feature: even more reader testimonials:

"A world-class publication, HispanicBusiness continues to inform and inspire at the highest levels. It is a rare feat to provide key and timely information in the utmost professional journalistic manner while keeping us connected to our community of colleagues and leaders, and our Hispanic roots. This groundbreaking publication blazed the way for many and continues to serve as a leader for not only Hispanic publications but for the entire industry as well."
Clara Apodaca,
President & CEO
National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation

"As the country's largest Hispanic-owned business in the United States, we are proud of our long-term affiliation with HispanicBusiness Magazine. It is very important to us to keep abreast of the significant advancements and accomplishments within the U.S. Hispanic community. Your magazine remains on the forefront of reporting on this ever-advancing population, and we thank you for your insights."
R. Marcelo Claure
Chairman & CEO

"I read every issue of HispanicBusiness Magazine. It is by far the best source of information about the Hispanic business community today and trends for the future."
J. Mario Molina
Molina Healthcare

"HispanicBusiness Magazine has had a tremendous impact on the way Hispanic business owners and entrepreneurs do business. It's a great resource and it helps keep its readers up-to-speed with the ever-changing trends in business. Bottom line: HispanicBusiness has made it easier for Latino professionals to stay informed and succeed."
Ralph de la Vega
President and CEO
AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets

"HispanicBusiness is the preeminent media source in recognizing and chronicling the growth and challenges of the Hispanic business community. For Liberty Power, it is a highly useful resource for understanding the impact of economic conditions on our community and identifying companies that support supplier diversity."
David Hernandez
Chief Executive Officer, Liberty Power Corp.

"About 20 years ago, my uncle made your list of one the Most Influential Hispanics. Since, I have been striving to do the same. It's the only business magazine I read cover to cover. HispanicBusiness Magazine has continually kept me updated with so much happening in our business world and my community. Congratulations, on 30 years of wonderful & precise news."
Arturo Lewin
Executive Clothiers

"HispanicBusiness was a pioneer and it continues to serve as an invaluable source of information and unique insights about the success of the continually growing Hispanic business community -- at both a local and national level."
Brigida Benitez
Partner, WilmerHale
2005 Hispanic Business Magazine Woman of the Year

"When so many other publications have ignored the success of Latino Business, you have alerted the media of the potential marketplace which has accomplishments, loyalty and intelligence. I truly appreciate your dedication to excellence."
Hon. Nelson A. Diaz
Cozen O'Connor

"The visionary and sustainable leadership and exceptional business acumen of Dr. Jesús Chavarría and his team at HispanicBusiness Magazine (HB) have transformed and permanently positioned HB as a mainstream publication. HB continues to serve me well as a world-class and leading-edge source for business information and for sparking innovation. In essence, HB serves as the virtual business infrastructure for emerging and well-established Latino family-owned enterprises, the Latino/a in Corporate America and others seeking new markets and business life-changing experience. I'm looking forward to HB 2.0."
Jesus Arguelles
Managing Director
Arguelles Capital Advisory LLC

"One of the best things I have done with my copies of HispanicBusiness is to pass them on to the high schools my sons have attended. I want Latino students to realize the success that Latinos have achieved. Living in a city in the Midwest you don't hear about too many Latinos making headlines for their business savvy. It is usually a negative story in the news when it involves Latinos. Keep up the good work. Thank you!"
Gloria M. Hernandez
Production Finance
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Inc.

"I am always excited to receive my monthly subscription and read your take on how current events affect the Latino business owner and consumer. As a Latino business owner, it is always a pleasure to read the articles and lists highlighting Latino men and women who strive for business excellence and community service. Congratulations on 30 years of providing insightful national and world business coverage."
Guillermo "Memo" Kahan
President and CEO
PromoShop Inc.

"I would like you to know that I am proud to see so many professional Hispanic people highlighted with great success. When I was growing up, I didn't think I had enough successful Hispanic influences in my life. I didn't see them in books, advertisements, movies, or magazines, etc. I had the opportunity to teach a student government class in 2006 and we read your magazine often to hear about what successful Hispanics were doing around the world. It was great to see the expressions on the faces of my students surprised to see someone like them so successful. This inspired my students to see themselves achieving the same. Thank you for HispanicBusiness Magazine! Inspiration for success with children begins with the influence of great leaders!"
Annette Hernandez
Cesar Chavez School Network

"HispanicBusiness Magazine has been the best tool for me to present cases and to initiate discussions in my corporate meetings, at the classroom and online discussions nowadays. Your content is right on target and always relevant to the consumer-business relationship. I have read your magazine since 1992 and will continue to do so. There are very few good sources of reliably precise and market-oriented information; yours is definitely one to go to for that type of research, and market informational material. Congratulations again!"
Professor Jose Olivares, MBA
Adjunct Faculty
The National Graduate School

"Whether through focused reports or comprehensive analysis of economic trends and shifts in the Hispanic market, HispanicBusiness Magazine is a relevant and engaging resource that consistently offers valuable insights and perspectives. The impact of HispanicBusiness Magazine is not limited to the information it presents -- it extends to the influence marked by the support the publication offers to companies and organizations serving the Hispanic community, and the recognition it imparts of the professionals that are making a difference."
José S. Suquet
Chairman, President and CEO
Pan-American Life Insurance Group

"Many years ago I met Jesús Chavarría at the LULAC convention in Las Vegas. At the time I was most impressed with his vision and approach to his magazine. I have remained a loyal reader who appreciates this approach that incorporates the positive aspects of our community in the business sector. My hat is off to him and his staff."
Jose Ramirez
Westford, MA

"In an era in which Hispanics are increasingly getting in the forefront of 'Fortune' companies, politics and the media, HispanicBusiness serves as a twofold tool: motivational and educational. As a Latino woman I look up to those Hispanic professional leaders (especially Hispanic women) showcased in the magazine. I take pride in their accomplishments and they inspire me to give back to the community and to become a better person, a better professional. In addition, its current news keeps me informed of the latest and most important events surrounding the Hispanic business and political worlds."
Daisy E. Vazquez
Marketing Manager for Conrad Santiago & Associates Inc.
A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial

"HispanicBusiness has been a beacon of light that keeps top of mind, what we can achieve as proud owners of Hispanic heritage. Your journalism provides an excellent forum for sharing real business experiences as well as connections to people we can relate to. Keep it going!"
Joe Villarreal
Sr. Executive Director, Finance
AT&T Mobility

"I'm happy to see that HispanicBusiness is continuing its reign as the authority on business, finance and economic trends. Representing a uniquely diverse district, it is the magazine I can trust to help me gauge public opinion and status on particular issues impacting the Hispanic community and others. I'm grateful to HispanicBusiness for the service it provides to me and, in turn, my constituents."
Henry Perea
Fresno County Board of Supervisors

"Role models help individuals realize that goals can be achieved. HispanicBusiness does a great job of identifying top talent within the Hispanic community that serve as role models to other Hispanics in the world. It is very motivating to be able to read how high-achieving Hispanics are being successful, how they have reached their dreams, and that example impacts us, the readers, who realize that our goals can be reached if we identify the conditions to reach them. Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing for Hispanics around the world."
Ivonne Chirino-Klevans, Ph.D
Center for International Programs
Program Director
Walden University

"For several years, I have been reading HispanicBusiness. I enjoy it because it gives me hope and pride that so many Hispanics have been making it in the business field. This gives great encouragement to owners and workers of small businesses like our Spanish-language bookstore."
America Alvarez
La Moderna Poesia Inc.

"For nonprofits like APM to survive in today's market, they have to exude the same business savvy and political acuity as our funders and legislators. HispanicBusiness Magazine does an excellent job of offering the inside information we need to get there, while understanding the dynamic needs of the Hispanic community so many of us have dedicated our missions to serving."
Nilda I. Ruiz
MBA, President and CEO
Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha Inc. (APM)

"As a Latina, it makes me proud to know that such a reputable publication with relevant, up-to-date information about Latinos exists. The most important aspect is its reach to a cross-cultural demographic."
Clotilde Dillon, Principal
St. Michael Academy

"As a technical recruiter, HBM has been a vast resource of information. Providing facts about companies that may have potential hiring needs and where the employment trend will lead to. The data and research HBM publishes provides me with knowledge into the next diverse hiring movement. It is remarkable how many talented Latinos have been successful in creating an empire of business, and a path for those of us who also want to be successful."
Priscilla Valdez-Martinez
Recruiter & Staffing Specialist

"Living in the state of Florida all my life I have developed many relationships in the Hispanic community. As a business owner I have found myself relating better and understanding the needs of my Hispanic clients largely in part due to the continued education provided by HispanicBusiness Magazine."
Bryan Crews
Attorney at Law
Crews and Pesquera, P.A.

"As a Hispanic attorney from Puerto Rico now practicing in Orlando, Florida, I can see firsthand the growth of HispanicBusiness Magazine over the past 30 years. I graduated from law school in 1980 just following the start of the magazine and I feel my progression as a business owner can be partly related to the invaluable information the magazine continues to churn out for the Hispanic business community."
Ricardo R. Pesquera
Attorney at Law
Crews and Pesquera, P.A.

"For me, HispanicBusiness has been a powerful inspiration in my professional life. From my earliest professional days immediately after college, I have seen HispanicBusiness magazines in the offices of the role models that shaped my early career. Reading the stories of successful Hispanic entrepreneurs and business people gave me a clear picture of what I could achieve, and empowered me to believe that I could accomplish my dream of being a successful entrepreneur. I now have realized my dream, and HispanicBusiness continues to inspire me to do more by participating in the political process, giving back to my community, and inspiring the next generation of Hispanic leaders to push beyond what my generation achieved. Keep up the great work HispanicBusiness!"
Jose Villa

"From its inception 30 years ago, HispanicBusiness Magazine has been the standard-bearer for nuanced, thoughtful and thorough reporting on Latino business and political interests. And in the ever-changing business and political landscape facing Latinos in the 21st Century, I know that HispanicBusiness Magazine will continue to offer insightful, high-quality analysis now and in the future."
José Huizar
Los Angeles City Council member and L.A. County Metro Board member

"HispanicBusiness Magazine has built a stellar reputation as being a reliable and informative publication. It is a key vehicle for breaking important news, following economic trends and monitoring the state of the Hispanic business community. By presenting the issues and concerns affecting Latinos in a truly balanced way, particularly the disparity in education and health care, HispanicBusiness Magazine continues to emphasize the assets of our rapidly growing community."
Lorraine A. Cortes-Vazquez
New York State Secretary of State

"HispanicBusiness Magazine is an important institution not only in the United States but internationally. The economic news HispanicBusiness Magazine provides the Latino community and corporate America is critical in the understanding of the Latino market today and in the future."
George L. Pla
President & CEO
Cordoba Corp.

"Jesús Chavarría is a trailblazer. When the dominant model in business 30 years ago was to target Latinos only in Spanish, Jesús Chavarría saw the future differently and launched HispanicBusiness. Congratulations on a journey that few believed then, and thank you for the relentless passion in creating a dual path that ensures that all Latinos in the United States will remain fully represented."
Jake Beniflah
Chief Executive Officer

"With present day value of an economic crisis in the U.S., all challenges for the Latino community regarding politics, business, research and the forefront of immigration, continues to be at the top list of diversified marketing mediums with HispanicBusiness Magazine. HB Inc. is an influential, learning and advisory tool for the common Latino business person!"
Julio Cesar Maldonado
Maldonado Consulting & Associates

"It's so nice to receive such an informative HispanicBusiness Magazine. Some students at the high school where I work often ask for help regarding their senior projects, career, research paper, environment, Hispanics in the profession, involvement in the community, and much more. They were surprised at how much information they had gotten from HispanicBusiness Magazine to add to their paper. Keep up the terrific work in producing such a high quality magazine regarding Hispanics."
Guadalupe Gomez
Bilingual Coordinator

"Our global and ever-expanding economy dictates that Latino businesses remain informed, competitive, and in touch with the corporate world. HispanicBusiness Magazine accomplishes that for all of us."
Fred Flores
President and CEO
Diverse Staffing Inc.

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