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American Idol Results: Adam Lambert Lives, Allison Iraheta Eliminated and the Return of No Doubt

May 7, 2009


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After a record 64 million votes, American has voted and 17-year-old Allison Iraheta has been sent home. Who's left? Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen, are the top three for American Idol Season 8, but something seems amiss from this result. Maybe it is because they are all white males, two of which are nearly artistic clones and the proportional harmony that Iraheta brought to the Idol game is forever lost.

To make Thursday's show worse were performances by Paula Abdul and No Doubt headed by Gwen Stefani.

Perhaps from their rehearsals, which preached the strength of women, we should have guessed that Allison was going home.

Abdul sang her new single --yes, 20 years post-career the judge is reinserting herself into the pop-likes of Mariah Carey -- titled "I'm Just Here For The Music." Wait, correction . . . she lip-synched and danced to her new single.

It was showy, awkward to watch, and the song was tween pop lower than the likes of High School Musical 3. If only Simon would turn his acerbic tongue to such a truly deserving act.

Gwen, who turned from punk to glam just under a decade ago, performed "I'm just a Girl," ironically sporting a men's under-tank and straight-legged Dickies pants that were so 1998. Maybe it just wasn't a good night for the girls. Chris Daughtry's performance was solidly enjoyable and Slash can rock the house just by his famous ridiculous hat and superior guitar shredding skills.

As for the contestants, Adam Lambert had better win American Idol or I quit watching the show ... forever. While there's no doubt that the remaining two possess a certain steadiness of talent, Iraheta was the balance to the show. While her and Lambert catered to the audience's edgier side with the hair, personality, and spunk, Gokey is this season's Taylor Hicks. Allen, a goody-two-shoes, happily married pretty boy, is kind of like this season's David Archuleta, but more boring and not quite as talented. And the hot wife only gets him so far.

Their names alone evoke yawns and their flannel wearing, nice boy feel only exemplifies their subdued auras. Why was the last female voted off? Blame the tweens, the 13-14-year olds who have the American Idol hotline on speed dial and want to keep the cute boys rather than the rocker girl, who was in their eyes their biggest competition for the hearts of the top three. It sounds stupid, I know, but I was a girl once too and we love to hate the women in the lives of our celebrity crushes.

Another reason Iraheta didn't make the cut: the judges were so shocked by Lambert's place in the bottom two last week that they recklessly praised him and gave modest reviews to the other three's performances to ensure that he would stay until the end.

Allen gave the safest performance of all and Gokey was, how do I say it, stale bread in an 80s purple shirt. And what's with Gokey's pseudo-George Michael-circa-1988-facial-hair? If anyone should have been sent home it should have been either of these cowboys.

As death angel Ryan Seacrest recapped the judge's take on the four finalists' previous night, Iraheta looked more uncomfortable than any of the boys, scratching her leg nervously and featuring contorted expression through all four of their reviews. Maybe she just knew it was her time, or maybe she knew that being a female in a tween run competition was a risky business. Whatever the case, as Allison received the saddening news and her final montage was played, she tried to hold back the tears. It was a bittersweet segment but it somehow seemed like more of a kick in the face rather than a heartwarming goodbye.

Next week let's hope hokey Gokey goes home. Although the sad story of his young wife dying with cancer has tugged at the heart strings of the lady fans for quite some time, this competition is about looks, I mean talent, and Gokey cannot compete with Kris Allen's golden smile or with the mastery of Adam Lambert. But I could be dead wrong. After all, wives are a bit of a downer note for the lady fans.

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