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American Idol Recap: Adam Lambert's Zeppelin Earns 'Rock God' Comment; Is Danny Gokey Headed Home?

May 6, 2009


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American Idol's Adam Lambert scare last week appeared to have lit a fire under Paula, Simon, Randy and Kara. The judges on Tuesday night all but crowned Lambert the American Idol winner, after he ended up in the bottom 2 the week before.

"You are a Rock God," screamed judge Kara DioGuardiKara DioGuardi, practically frothing at the mouth after Lambert's performance of Led Zeppelin's "A Whole Lotta Love."
Lambert certainly didn't play it safe after he was nearly eliminated from the No. 1 show on television. He bounced back this week in full glam rock mode. With heavy facial makeup, tons of black mascara, and a bazillion cans of hair spray holding up his black hair, Lambert reminded the audience that he clearly lives in a world of his own.

And when it comes to talent, based off last night's show, Lambert is also in a league of his own. He's so comfortable on stage that his performances come across as effortless.

American Idol's final four each sang one song and then they paired up to sing a duet. Lambert teamed with 17-year-old Allison Iraheta. The two show chemistry in performing "Slow Ride." This duet blew away Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis' duet of country classic "I Told You So," from a few weeks ago, and that's saying something.

The judges seem determined to get Lambert into the finals and are willing to sacrifice any and all of the remaining contestants to get him there.

Kris Allen, who has been gaining steam in recent weeks, deflated on stage after a string of criticism from the judges. Allen is one of those guy's who face twists up when people criticize him; his nonverbal reactions to Simon's badgering were uncomfortable to watch.

Same goes for Danny Gokey, who last night clearly suffered from Adam envy. He sang, more appropriately, screamed, "Dream On," in what was his performance of the season. Something about Gokey bugs; there's an undercurrent of arrogance that comes across in his interviews.

The 29-year-old embarrassed himself on the final note of "Dream On," attempting an Adam-style wail, but sounding more like a screeching cat that was accidentally stepped on. Simon called his final note, "a nightmare."

Gokey's duet with Allen was equally brutal. It's like these two guys didn't want to share the stage together. They stumbled through "Renegade," in a boring and awkward performance that put both of them in jeopardy of getting bounced from the show.

In his solo performance, Allen delivered a decent version of "Come Together." But he looked demoralized on stage, like a little boy who just got scolded, lacking any semblance of confidence.

Iraheta sang Janis Joplin's "Crybaby," in a performance that the judges didn't really like either, although they noted that it was better than Gokey's dismal effort.

Tonight's results show will certainly be a heartbreaker for someone. In addition to performances by Chris Daughtry and the returning Paula Abdul, one of the final four is going home.

Although he's never been in the bottom 2, Gokey might get sent home tonight, all because of that terrible final note. But who knows? It's been a wacky season full of surprises and the only safe bet is that American Idol, in its eight season, continues its unlikely reign as the No. 1 show on television.

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