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Is It Tough Enough? Make it Tougher With the InvisibleSHIELD

May Issue


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What would we do without our cell phones? A decade ago they were merely a convenience. With added features like Internet, e-mail, GPS, extended coverage, unlimited minutes, and mobile messaging, their importance has eclipsed most other forms of personal business technology. Naturally, we want to protect them.

The Zagg invisibleSHIELD proved how important having my phone readily available and in working condition is. The somewhat labor-intensive process of applying the phone protector, plus the recommended drying time, forced me to keep my precious smartphone turned off for about 12 hours. Even though I was sleeping for most of it, I experienced a minor withdrawal.

Nonetheless, it was definitely worth it. The invisibleSHIELD is a film that is custom-cut for your device. When properly applied, the clear sticker protects your phone and is barely noticeable. In other words, the sexy form that prompted you to pick that BlackBerry, BlackJack or iPhone in the first place does not need to be hidden under the cover of a bulky carrying case. The shield is even available for other devices, like iPods, laptop computers, and cameras.

The film that adheres to your device is made of a material originally developed and used to protect high-speed helicopter blades. The scratch-resistant film covers the screen, of course, but kits are available to cover the device completely. The product is even guaranteed to be wear- and scratch-free for the life of the device. If you are worried about a device being crushed, perhaps a more traditional carrying case, or a case partnered with an invisibleSHIELD, is the way to go. But if your primary concern is protecting your phone from your keys when they share a pocket, the product is the real deal.

Again, the application process is a bit of a bear, as much for the time commitment as the necessity to utilize a very steady hand when applying a spray, the film, and then a provided squeegee to the device. I was disheartened to discover some bubbles in the screen after the recommended 12-hour drying period, but, as the internal literature promised, those largely disappeared in a couple of days.

There are some slight peculiarities in using the invisibleSHIELD. There's a definite glare, which may be better or worse than your usual glare, depending on your phone (in my case, it's a little worse, but not severe). Additionally, the film itself that is now covering most of my phone has a rubbery texture. It will take some getting used to, even though it actually makes for a steadier grip.

For most phones, a cover just for the screen will be around $15, while the more comprehensive kit is about $25. A relatively small price for a little more peace of mind when ensuring your most-essential communications device is not only ready for action, but also clean and pristine, whenever you use it.

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