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American Idol Results: Adam Lambert in Bottom Two

April 30, 2009


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Adam Lambert -- don't scare us like that! Lambert, the chameleon performer who has thrilled viewers all season with his crazy-original performances was nearly voted off the American Idol results show Wednesday night.

A noticeably stunned Lambert found himself in the bottom two with Matt Giraud. The crowd booed. Simon, Paula, Randy and Kara's mouths dropped. When host Ryan Seacrest told Lambert that he was in the bottom, the former "Wicked" performer muttered something off microphone that sounded like "Are you serious?"

Sheez. You bring back the disastrous Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks for one night and everything gets all messed up. The lesson? No more Taylor!

It all ended as it should have after Giraud went home and Lambert survived to next week. But what is going on? How could the only performer to ever earn a standing ovation from Simon nearly get booted off? For viewers looking for more than just vanilla performances, let's hope it was just a fluke and Lambert stays through the finals in three weeks.

Here are 10 highlights of last night's upside-down results show:

Bad Memories: How on earth did Taylor Hicks ever win American Idol? In a season with other performers such as rocker Chris Daughtry, the stunningly gorgeous Katherine McPhee and country sweetie Kellie Pickler, Hicks won the Idol crown?

Painful Performance: When the best part of an American Idol performance is a harmonica solo to close the song, you know there's a problem. Hicks stumbled through a song from his latest album, offering proof that the campaign actually does work.

Please Applaud Now: You could practically hear a pin drop when Ryan Seacrest announced at the beginning of the show that Taylor Hicks was going to take the stage. Maybe the largely tween live audience thought he was another one of those 70s stars that Idol unfortunately paraded on stage during last week's show. The Michael McDonald comparisons aren't just vocal, you know.

Hokey Gokey: Danny Gokey, who never misses an opportunity, nor do Idol producers, to remind us that his young wife died from cancer two years ago, appears to be emerging again as a frontrunner. He was one of the first people to be declared safe last night and his dopey charm might be paying off for him among Idol voters.

Don't Say That: For the second week in a row, a guest performer on the show mocked the importance of actually winning. Last week American Idol runner-up David Archuleta told the bottom two that no matter what happened, they would still be stars. Well this week's multi-genre artist Jamie Foxx said the same thing. With Lambert and Giraud in the bottom two, Foxx said that it didn't matter, because what happens after the show is what counts.

Speaking of Foxx: The former In Living Color star undoubtedly is a remarkable talent, but watching him perform "Blame It" last night came across as a bad imitation of Kanye West's performance a few weeks ago. Foxx is better behind the piano, Ray Charles-style, or better yet, in drag dressed as the ugly Wanda from In Living Color.

The Group Performance: The five finalists banded together to sing a medley of Rat Pack songs. After an incredible disco performance last week, the group seemed entirely disengaged this week. Lambert, in particular, almost seemed to be rolling his eyes during his solo parts. These finalists are clearly leaving their A game behind on Tuesday nights.

Kris Allen Is Happily Married. Enough Already: Idol producers are obsessive in their attempt to show that Allen is a happily married man, frequently flashing to pictures of his young, gleeful blonde wife. I can't remember seeing one's spouse pop up so frequently on the show. We get it Idol, you want this wholesome guy to be in the finals. Let it go.

The Lambert Kiss?: Still shaken from being in the bottom two, after Seacrest announced that Giraud was going home, Lambert hugged him and seemingly planted a peck on his cheek, in a move to show solidarity. A touching moment among competitors, but sure to spark buzz. Was it a kiss or a whisper? Does it matter?

Rock & Roll Theme Next Week: With Slash as the guest mentor, Adam, oh please, Adam, sing "Sweet Child O' Mine."

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