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Report: NASCAR Slow to Catch Hispanic Viewers

Feb. 19, 2009


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Although Hispanics are the nation's fasting growing demographic, NASCAR isn't exactly winning the race to capture a proportionate share of the market, according to a recently released study.

While 38 percent of Hispanics say they are at least casual fans of the sport, only 7 percent consider themselves avid viewers, according to a report released this week by two organizations, rEvolution , a sports marketing agency, and Knowledge Networks, a marketing-research company.

The report found that Hispanics are more likely than Caucasians to view the sport in isolation, through TV at home or video games. Also, most Hispanics do not have a favorite driver.

"Those few Hispanics who do have a favorite driver gravitate to winners; whether the driver is Hispanic is, for the most part, a secondary concern," the report stated.

In addition, the findings noted that most Hispanic people who consider themselves fans are drawn primarily to the speed of the cars.

"Promotions and advertising campaigns that emphasize the speed of the cars may have an advantage with this group," the report said.

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