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New Economy, Networking to Take Center Stage at the United States Hispanic Chamber's 29th Annual Event

Sept. 17, 2008


New Economy, Networking to Take Center Stage at the United States Hispanic Chamber's 29th Annual Event

From Sept. 24-29, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual Convention and Business Expo in Sacramento, Calif. Members from Hispanic chambers nationwide and business owners from every segment will congregate at the Sacramento Convention Center to address the issues most important to Hispanic leaders and business owners through workshops, training sessions, and lectures focusing on the forward-looking theme of "Tapping into a New Age of Commerce."

Melinda Guzman, the USHCC's general counsel, told that the theme reflects the current historic time in the American economy. She cited the recent actions concerning Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the housing market, the state of education, and the general turmoil on Wall Street as the primary reasons. She also noted that this year's convention is unique in that Hispanics will have a large role in deciding the next president of the United States.
"This is a new age in the economic history of the United States. We see the U.S. Latino business community as being part of the solution to help revive the American economy and move forward."
Ms. Guzman indicated that another important aspect of the "New Age of Commerce" was a technology angle -- specifically, the event has a "green" component this year, with panels on utilities and energy, which are very appropriate, considering the event is taking place in California this year.
Other pillars of the convention include telecommunications growth, Latina entrepreneurship, procurement, and other factors, all with the goal , according to Ms. Guzman,of exploring how we can grow the important Hispanic business community.

The expo's networking and matchmaking potential is a draw for many members. According to, Ms. Guzman, business professionals meet throughout the day, with attendees taking advantage of contracting opportunities, chances to raise capital for expansion, and more.
The Chamber's membership is representative of the overall business community, including not only the small businesses that are crucial to the nation's economic picture, but includes members from larger corporate concerns, such as David Hernandez from Liberty Power and Nina Vaca from Pinnacle as well. Ms. Guzman noted that half the current USHCC board members are Hispanic Business 500 members.

Other specific events include an international luncheon, a salute to Latina business owners, and, charitably, the USHCC is hosting a bone barrow donor drive as well.

If past years are any indication, attendance should approach 5,000. Ms. Guzman noted that registration is ongoing and available at the convention itself. For more specific information, and to register for the entire event or individual workshops and other sessions, please visit or call 1-800-USHCC-86.

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